To whom or what agency does the EEOC report, if any?

I am doing a presentation on the EEOC. I have to describe the powers of this administrative agency, why the agency exixts,and where do the legislative and the judicial branches of government come into play withinvestigation and enforcement of the EEOC.

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    Created within the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it’s scope has encompassed and administers the Equal Pay Act (1963), the Age discrimination Act of 1967, the Disabled rights Act of 1990, and the Civil Rights Act of 1990. The Commission answers directly to the legislative branch. It is a stand alone commission with the power to supply informations (requests for indictment) to the U.S. Attorney for prosecution in the event of violations. It maintains it’s own investigatory division, but can in some cases utilize the FBI and U.S. Marshals office to also investigate violations.

    A large portion of it’s responsibility is the administration of the Act as it applies to government (Civil Service) employment.

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    The EEOC is an independent commission. It has 6 members, five commissioners and a general counsel who are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate.

    It's main purpose is to be the offical driving force behind the various laws that fall under it's jurisdiction, although enforcement of those laws fall under the juriosdiction of different federal agencies. The EEOC makes any rulings or determinations in the applicability or scope of the laws it coordinates to avoid different definitions by the various law enforcement agencies.

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