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nukus1 asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

I Have D. WILLIAMS, MB3, E. JAMES, JULIUS JONES,C. DILLION & SAMMY MORRIS I need help with my starts 4 wk 13.?

Will D. williams continue to be the go to guy in car. of will D. foster take over again. Will it be MB3 IN DAL. OR J.JONES giving the most fantasy pts. from wk 13 and throughout the playoffs. Is E. james still worth starting with all of my other options?Will C. dillion take over for the play offs? is Sammy morris (stepping in for an injured R. brown in MIA)even worth having on my roster at this point?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My thoughts on some of those choices.

    MB 3 v J Jones... forget Jones. MB 3 is doing all of the scoring. I actually have both on my roster. I haven't started Jones (who I drafted) ever since I picked up MB at the end of Oct. Check it out- Jones with 3 TDs, Barber 9 rushing and 2 receiving TDs. I'm happy taking all those TDs instead of quality rushing points. The only way Jones is gonna score is if he breaks a long one. Marion is the go-to RB in the end zone/ goal line.

    E James? I wouldn't ride your playoff hopes on him either. He's basically become medicore since he got here to AZ, and I think with Fitz healthy again and Matt coming off of a good game, they are gonna throw it a lot more than try to run. With 3 good scoring WR options, he has a lot of weapons to work with that will open up the D more, and I think the rest of the schedule favors a passing attack (I drafted Fitz, and picked up Lineart this week and will ride with both as starters from here on out).

    I wouldn't bank on Morris in MIA because I don't think MIAs offense is consistently good enough to produce well even if everyone is healthy. If they fall behind, they aren't gonna get it done with the run.

    I'd hang with Deangelo, MB3 and C Dillon.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all if Brown did nothing against other teams what makes you think the dolphins line will do anything. Dont start James as the rams will stop the run and the cardinals will throw all over them. Dillon has a great chance to score against the lions as everyone else has. If you have a touchdown league choose Marion and Dillon if you have a yard point league choose Foster and Marion.

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  • arleta
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    4 years ago

    i could drop Keith (or Jordan if it seems his harm will shop him out a protracted time) and %. up Morris fairly of dropping J. Jones. i understand you have Keith as a handcuff for Addai, yet you have some sturdy RBs besides, and Morris is a robust pickup, because of the fact he's in all probability to proceed to get TDs even after Morrency returns. that could assist you to play matchups extra effective.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Barber man. He on a hot streak and has helped my team over these past cruical weeks. Everyone else isn't getting the carries and/or rotating in. MBIII scores all the TDs for Dallas.

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  • williams. watch this clip

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