The minority Sunni are the largest obstacle to peace, what about the minority interest of the Kurd's?

Larger majority Shiites also figure in to the question and as a majority of the possible vote the lack what to rule the educated and armed Sunni control? Why did'nt we crush such a threat to so many people? Is there a conection to the Hittler and the Sunni's? Are the Sunni's the ones that developed the Ba'ith Party in Iraq? Who Devided the Ottoman Empire and what was the motivation?

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    Kurds are living large and having a wonderful time while their southern friends are killing themselves. In addition, as long as the US is around the Turks can't come in and take their oil (as they so want to do).

    So, as long as this Civil Ward (doh) - conflict I mean - continues they will build a strong country and be able to defend their new country that will not be part of Iraq when this is all said and done.

    Initially, the US wanted nothing to do with the Kurds having their own country. But, while there is so many other problems we are leaving them alone and gave up on that thought.

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    Islam is not just an obstacle. It is actively working against India and all other countries Islam comes into contact with. Islam by it's very nature does not recognise India as an independent nation and certainly does not have respect for non-Muslims in India. Islam's ultimate goal is the conquest of the entire globe and the subjugation and eventual conversion of all non-Muslims. I didn't write the following: Until the Muslim conquerors brought Islam, India was the most tolerant of countries. Those who like to adduce what they consider to be examples of "Hindu fanaticism," generally fail to note that that “fanaticism” is mostly a justified response to the long history of Muslim depredations, persecution, and murder. Some may here and there find examples of intolerance exhibited toward Christian missionaries, but such intolerance is not part of Hinduism. Rather, it reflects the belief that such missionaries always target Hindus, never Muslims, and furthermore, what intolerance has been exhibited unwontedly by Hindus, has been learned from Muslim example, Muslim tutelage. Islam has not changed one bit since it began and they interpret every written word of the book as true.They will out breed you and then subjugate you. The only question is will you convert, will you submit or will you fight.

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    Look Iraq war Is an Israeli lobby war. saying that the USA had no plans after the war and if there was ever plan was not it good one. Like the decision to dismantle the Iraq Army that was an Israeli goal not any smart American decision maker. To days killings , the Kurds Vs Arabs, Sunni Vs Shiites, all this is Israeli plans. The funny parts no one is winning in this war including the Israelis. Israel in Kurdistan to keep Turkey interests no more no less to make sure there will be never Kurdistan. There is a military treaty between Israel And Turkey do we all remember how Turkey got Ojalan out of Syria and then in Africa by the Israelis

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    Saddam is a Sunni & the Sunnis had all the power in his regime. They are having a great deal of difficulty accepting the fact that those days are gone forever. They are also concerned about autonomy because all the oil is in the Shia & Kurd areas.

    Sunnis developed the Baath party in Iraq. (In Syria it was the Alawis, a minority group there).

    The Ottoman Empire was carved up by UK & France after WW I. The Hashemites from the Arabian Peninsula were given Iraq & Transjordan (now Jordan) as consolation prizes for losing the the Saud family in the peninsula. Jordan had never been a country. Iraq hadn't since it was known as Babylonia.

    Many Arabs backed Hitler. The Mufti of Jerusalem spent WW II in Berlin. Syria backed the Vichy govt in France. It's a long & bloody history.

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    The fuuny thing about the Kurds is they are sitting on the oil!

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    Shiites could win power easily,

    but they had kurds in their whey.

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