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K.B. asked in TravelUnited StatesPhoenix · 1 decade ago

Best route for driving from so. Cal to Tucson, AZ?

We might visit family in Tucson, driving from the south bay of so. California. We once took some freeway off of the 91 or 60, to Palm Springs, to get to the 10 fwy and because of construction in that area, it was a nightmare!

I may just ge onto the 10 freeway near West Covina and take that all the way to AZ. If we get up really early maybe we can avoid any traffic.

We would leave Saturday before Christmas and come back on the Tues or Wednesday after Christmas.

Anyone know this route and the traffic patterns?

My husband doesn't really want to fly. We have family in Blythe and we can take a stop there for rest.


I have checked the actual driving route on mapquest. But I was wondering which route is best as far as the traffic etc... I may have to ask the Auto Club.

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    K. B.:

    You have already outlined your itinerary to travel from the south bay area of Los Angeles to Tucson, Arizona with a stop in Blythe, California. As you stated, you would travel north on US 91, west on US 60 and east on I-10.

    If you wish to avoid US 60, then as you also correctly stated you would simply stay on north US 91 until you got to the east I-10, it's only a few miles further.

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    1 decade ago

    I would also suggest the "8" - which will take you to a mid-point between Phoenix & Tucson, where you will hit I-10. Then take I-10 from that point down to Tucson. At the "8" and I-10 intersection, it is only about 30-45 minutes to Tucson from there.

    Source(s): Phoenix resident since 2001. http://www.danielalandogarcia.com
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    Hello, I'm Jerald and I live in Yuma AZ. I just came from Tucson for t-day and the traffic on the 10 is crazy can you drop down to the 8 to cut across az. If you can its alot less traffic, but then your driving during a holiday. Be safe.

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    I-10 to the I-19 -----19 south goes right to Tucson I used to live in all 3 places.

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    I have been to Tuscon for the first time on Nov. 18. I think we went through the 210 and then the 10 freeway. We were going to go to Sedona but we had to come back. We went for a wedding. They live in Tuscon, AZ! It was fun!

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    The I-10 is always jammed. A roadtrip is a long ways away then just to go to Phoenix. Have you thought of going on a train?

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    It looks to me like you can take the 10 all the way from covina to tuscon. It takes you to phoenix then south to tuscon.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    mapquest out your trip

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    go to mapquest and look for it

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