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What do you think is the worst area of London; the one area you wanna stay away from?

I would say the Seven Sisters Road area.

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    Of course, the most famous two, Brixton and Hackney. Seven Sisters Road is notihing when compared.

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    South east London

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    Soth East London is pretty sucky, as many people have aready said (Brixton, Peckham, Deptford, Thamesmead etc.) I would advise others to steer clear of Kidbrooke, the 'lesser' part of Blackheath, in Greenwich.

    And I'm going there soon. Lucky me... -_-

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    Canning Town, Poplar, West Ham, Plaistow, Thamesmead, Erith, Dagenham, Deptford.

    Plenty of scope just about everywhere for lovers of urban decay.

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    We've been told Hackney, but whenever I go there the place looks okay to me. Especially I like all those bright yellow police signs asking for witnesses - they really brighten the place up.

    Oi. Witness in Cockney = grass. Don't do it okay!

    Source(s): Finkin' allahd.
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    Hackney + Brixton

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    My area - in between Stratford and Bow - like a wasteland. Much crime. Big main road.

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    anywhere in South East London

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