94 mazda protoge what is a reasonable price for a system?

i have pretty low budget and i need to know what the cheapestr sytem i can get for my car is . please help me you guys

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's Christmas shopping time, I am sure you can find something on sale!

    Or just wait til after Christmas.

    eBay will have tons of stuff for sale since people "got new stuff" for Xmas!

  • first off, trunk will rattle, its a small car, ull need those sheets that cost 50$ a sheet, then.. a haedunit willb like 100 bux, u can get reasnable woofers for 100-200 and like weak amps for 150-200$ then if u want speakers u can get shtity ones from 75$ on.. also ull need cross over cables too

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