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Are you aware of The IRS ssuing ID numbers to illegals who don't have SS numbers to file taxes?

And another vital thing happened in 1996: the Internal Revenue Service began issuing identification numbers to enable illegal immigrants who don't have Social Security numbers to file taxes. (See former question posted ten minues ago "Are You aware that illegals have pd 10 billion $ into Social Security coffers and will never collect a dime". Be sure to read the ENTIRE posting)



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    Hey, I just realized... this is the third question of your that Ive answered. Watch out, your on my radar now!! :)

    Where can I get one of these "illegal immigrant tax numbers"? I already have a SS, as well as an EIN, but I could REALLY use an IRS issued Illegals-ID number!! New credit here I come!!

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    honestly no longer. further, those pretend Social's shouldn't artwork, so why do they? Is Del Rio mendacity to us? however the real Social numbers.. this is identity fruad and why is the IRS helping them. Is Mexico working the IRS? Our government has refused to guard us for the final 3 administrations. they have secure business enterprise. we can not enable that proceed because of the fact the above is the commencing up of a lot of abuse.

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    Yeah, that way the IRS gets to collect withholding. Social Security? Most people under 50 won't collect a dime, no matter how many generations their families have lived in the US.

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    Its called a TIN # /EIN)(Tax Identification Number)and its not issued .Its applied for,its a number that was created for legal people that own their own business,or work on their own to be able to file their taxes but since they don't ask for proof of citizenship its given to some illegal aliens.

    You need to post ALL the facts not just the ones you like

    Although they are given less than 1% actually file taxes because its illegal for them since they are illegal in the first place

    An TIN / EIN is a nine-digit number (for example, 12-3456789) assigned to sole proprietors, corporations, limited liability corporations (LLC), partnerships, estates, trusts, and other entities for tax filing and reporting purposes..You may immediatly use the EIN for banking or business purposes.

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    you mean, illegals who stole SSS numbers. LOL. I know they do and they cost us a lot more! Think about all the federal money that goes to the schools, do you know where it's going? To fund illegals kids for free programs and everyone Elise has to pay even special ed children aren't getting proper services!If things keep up, I leaving,my ansitors have been here a long time Native American , mixed! I have some direct male decadents in Europe! lol

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    but the illegals don't pay onto our government nearly what they steal in social services.....

    Never collect a dime? someone is lying to you....

    Are you aware $93 BILLION is paid to illegal aliens each year - not to mention what is given to education! I just wish god would put a "scourge" on all mexicans!

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    You are talking about 10 billions into social security, that's peanuts if you compare it to all the benefit that all of them are getting. They get more than that they give, what they give is not enough. Mexico get more from them, around 200 trillions a year and the Mexican government don't give us,, s,hit. Send them all to their country, now.

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    Give them their check for 830 bucks, and send em home. Further, then we should be taking the IRS to court for aiding and abetting. Shut off the 'magnet', and it'll stop...

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