Are there any coupons out there???

I am ready to make a purchase from and missed the 20% off purchase order that was after Thanksgiving (arrg!!) I hate shipping fees so does anyone know if they are having any other offers? I am not going to spend 75 bucks just for free shipping. Let me know if anything comes up. Thanks!

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    Sephora does not have many coupons. They just expired a 20% off coupon on the 26th (the one you are referencing). They have free shipping on $25 and $50 about every other month.

    They do have some free items with purchase, and some free sample products. It is better than nothing and is available at

    They do generally have coupons during the Holiday Season, but they will most likely be released on the 3rd or 4th of December.

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    If you are purchasing mineral products you may want to check out they offer a free sample pack and don't cost as much as sephora.

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    No they don't have coupons but if you register with you will get emails for online specials.

    Source(s): I love Sephora! ;-)
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    i dont think so!

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