is there any advantage/benefit to breast feed a baby over formula?

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    TONS of benefits.

    Breastmilk is species specific. It's what babies bodies are designed to expect to be fed. Breastfeeding helps promote optimal growth.

    Breastfed babies (and their mothers!) have lower rates of many types of cancer.

    The immunities in breastmilk help to keep baby from getting sick. This means less missed work for mom and dad and less money spent on doctor visits.

    Breastfed babies have fewer ear infections than bottlefed babies.

    Breastmilk is easier for baby to digest.

    Nursing helps the mother prevent post-partum hemorrhage. Breastfeeding helps the mother's uterus shrink back to normal after birth. It also helps her lose weight faster since she burns more calories.

    Breastfeeding lowers baby's chances of developing diabetes. It also decreases insulin requirements in diabetic mothers who are nursing.

    Breastfed babies have lower chances of allergies, asthma and respiratory infections.

    Formula fed babies have higher chances of becoming obese.

    Breastfeeding can delay the return of mom's periods. This can mean less chance of anemia for mom, less money spent on menstrual supplies and optimal child spacing.

    Breastfeeding is relaxing for both mom and baby.

    Breastmilk is always ready, always the right temperature, nothing to prepare or pack and you never run out.

    Best of all - breastmilk is FREE! How often in life can you give your child the very best possible choice for FREE?!

    TONS more reasons listed below.

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    Yes obviously..if it aint broke, don't change it.. ie. the most natural method is the best. The suckling stimulates a bond between the baby and mother with the scent and physical comfort of the mother being familiar to the baby. Have u noticed how, when young babies are held, they instinctively snuggle closer to your chest. Also there's a stimulus pathway to get the mother's uterine walls contract and helps her get back into shape. Formula milk's primary advantage is that it -obviously!- doesn't need the presence of a wetmother or breast feeder but as it is an alternative to mother's milk it lacks antibodies unique to humans' and provides nutrients meant for calves, not human babies. Nevertheless, formula is the only excellent alternative when the mother cannot breast feed.

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    Nursing can be a wonderful experience for both mother and baby. It provides ideal nourishment and a special bonding experience that many nursing mothers cherish. Below are some of the many benefits of breastfeeding.

    Infection-fighting. Antibodies passed from a nursing mother to her baby can help lower the occurrence of many conditions, including:

    ear infections


    respiratory infections


    Breastfeeding is particularly beneficial for premature babies and may also protect children against:





    sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

    Nutrition and ease of digestion - formula is harder to digest

    Free - formula is expensive

    Different tastes - breast milk takes on the flavour of the foods you eat. Formula tastes the same all the time.

    Beneficial for mom, too.

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    Breast milk is the most healthiest food you can possibly give your baby. It is scientifically proven that children that are breast fed are less likely to fall victim to obesity and heart disease later in life. Also, it reduces the likelihood of the baby developing food allergies. It gives your baby immunity to flu's and general virul bugs. All these benefits are lost with formula feeding. However, if you are un-able to breastfeed, do not feel guilty. Hope this helps alittle.

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    I bottle fed my 1st and breast fed my 2nd....I prefer breastfeeding because of convience (free, ready to drink, no bottles to clean or formulat to mix or carry w/ you everywhere) I lost the baby weight much faster w/ my first, Im actually still trying w/ my second 10 months later lol. I have the same closeness and bond w/ the both of them, they are both very healthy, breastfeeding does come w/ the added benefits of reduced risk to certain diseases, but I am a strong beleiver of whatever is more comfortable for you. I strongly recomend atleast giving breastfeeding a try but if its not for you oh well in my case i don't see any difrences as far as pro's and cons to breast or bottle.

    Hope this helped.

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    Breastfeeding is beneficial to both mom and baby.In the mother BF.causes the uterus to contract,allowing the fundus to return to normal size.And BF. is always more nutritious for the baby, and studies have proven BF. babys are smarter,recieve antibodies naturally from the mom, are calmer, and bond better than formula fed babies .If mom is not on medication or drinking alcohol,it is highly encouraged! GoodLuck

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    There are natural antibiotics that help keep the infant well. The bonding between the mother and child is priceless and important to the child's development. The milk is there for the child.

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    a breastfeeding women will loose the baby weight faster than bottlefeeding, If a women breastfeeds for more than six months in her life, she will reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Breastfeeding defers the period. Breast fed babies have less alergies and get sick less often. Good Luck!

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    Breast fed babies are less likely to get sick.. (colic)

    studies also show that babies who were breast fed grow up to be smarter than others who were fed formula..

    Breast milk is the best thing you can give to your baby .. it taste better to them and isn't artificial. It's what God equipped us with!

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    more convient, healthier,, baby gets many benifts and mom gets the bennift of reducing breast cancer, mom goes back to pre preg weight faster too.

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