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    POT LUCK 美食大會串 (6 characters)

    Jia-zhen is going to study in Boston. His cousin Lionel is responsibe for taking care of her. Lionel is going to bring her to a potluck held at his friend's house. There, he will introduce Jia-zhen to his friends.

    (Lionel is meeting his cousin Jia-zhen at the airport.)

    Lionel : So, you finally get to see Boston. Welcome! Nice to see you again!

    Jia-zhen: It' s great to be here.

    Lionel : Are you excited about studying in Boston this summer?

    Jia-zhen: Sure, but I'm the most excited just to be here.

    Lionel : Well, you will have a great summer here. It' s a great city.

    Jia-zhen: And you' ll help me meet lots of new people?

    Lionel : Of course. And you' ll find the weather here is perfect in the summer.

    Jia-zhen: It won' t be as hot as Taipei, that's for sure.

    Lionel : Let' s get your bags and go. We can talk some more in the car.

    (They are driving in Lionel' s car.)

    Lionel : Tomorrow we' re invited ot a potluck at my friends' place.

    Jia-zhen: Sounds good. But what' s a potluck?

    Lionel : That' s when each person brings some homemade food to share.

    Jia-zhen: Cool! What kind of food?

    Lionel : Anything. People just bring what they think others will like. And one person brings a dessert.

    (Lionel and Jia-zhen ar at Laura and Cindy's house.)

    Laura : Nice to meet you, Jia-zhen. How do you like Boston so far?

    Jia-zhen: It' s really beautiful. The buildings are older and nicer than the ones in Taipei.

    Cindy : But I heard Taipei now has the tallest building in the world.

    Jia-zhen: That' s true. Are you surprised?

    Cindy : A little, yes. I don' t think I' ve seen any pictures of it yet.

    Laura : So, did you bring a Taiwanese dish for the potluck?

    Jia-zhen: Of course. We went to Chinatown this afternoon and I got stuff to make guo tie (鍋貼).

    Laura : What' s that? It sure sounds Chinese.

    Jia-zhen: I saw them in a restaurant here. They were called potstickers.

    Cindy : Oh! I know what those are. They're yummy.

    Jia-zhen: Not the ones I tried today. They were terrible, so I thought I' d make the real thing for you.

    Cindy : And what did you bring, Lionel?

    Lionel : I brought your favourite beef and broccoli.

    Cindy : Sounds yummy. I have to go help Laura get the food ready.

    Lionel : I' ll introduce Jia-zhen to John and Helen.

    (Everyone is putting food on their plates.)

    Jia-zhen: What' s this here?

    Cindy : That' s Helen' s spinach and cheese casserole. It has macaroni noodles on the bottom.

    Jia-zhen: What is a casserole anyway?

    Cindy : I think it just means food baked in a dish, in an oven.

    Laura : Try my Greek salad. I always bring it to potlucks. Can you get olives and feta cheese in Taiwan?

    Jia-zhen: Yes. Olives are quite easy to find, but feta cheese is more difficult. People in Taiwan are just starting to eat cheese more often.

    Lionel : Jia-zhen, have you tried John' s specialty yet?

    Jia-zhen: This one over here?

    John : Yep. I brought some traditional American food for you to try. It's good old mashed potatoes.

    Helen : He only made mashed potatoes because they' re so easy. He' s just a lazy couch potato himself.

    John : Mashed potatoes are a part of our history! The Indians gave them to the white peole when they had no food to eat.

    Jia-zhen: I' ll have some for sure!

    John : And they' re homemade!

    Source(s): EZ BASIC
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