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who do you think got the best out of the Brewers and Diamond backs trade?

Brewers got Johnny Estrada, Claudio Varges, and greg aquino.

Diamondbacks got doug davis, dana eveland, and David Krynzel.

I'm a huge Brewer fan and I think the Brewers got the best of the deal. I think Varges is more consistant then Davis. the only reason Davis was successful as a Brewer is because he got run support. Estrada is going to replace Damion Miller as the starting catcher. but I think they should have traded Geoff Jenkins instead of David Krynzel. Jenkens had a horrible 2006 season and his power has dropped in the last couple of years. I've never even heard of Aquino but I'm sure he can come out of the bullpen and dominate. I hope this trade can get the Brewers into the playoffs in 2007 for tthe first time since 1982.

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  • Jeremy
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    I'd say for now the Brewers got the best of us in that trade, but don't even try and tell me that Vargas is better than Davis, that's a load of crap. If these young guys turn out to be as good as we expected the Brew crew could be kicking themselves pretty soon.

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    I am a huge Dback fan, and I think both clubs got the best out of it. Varges was not that good last year, good games then bad games. You never know what he was going to do. Estrada will have a better career there then Arizona because, Dbacks will start a huge number one draft pick for catcher. Davis will do good at Arizona because Arizona is a big scoring team.

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i love my diamondbacks and this is the first i've heard of this ridiculous trade--estrada is very good, not so much vargas and aquino--never heard of those brewers we got--diamondbacks are a very hard team to root for i can tell ya that!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i would say that arizona got the better of the deal as they got a reliable starting pitcher that they desperately needed as that was one of their biggest weaknesses this past year

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