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how does airline vouchers work?

e.g. there are southwest vouchers available for some few 100 $. how do they work. Is it the the trip is completed in that amount? or is that the rebate?

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    Vouchers are just as good as having cash. You call the airlines, decide where you want to go and when you go to pay, give them your pin code and they will deduct it right then and you pay the difference.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): Former Airline Reservationist who validated travel vouchers.
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    How Do Airline Vouchers Work

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    It's treated as cold hard cash, like $100 bill. Spend as you wish.

    But try cleaning up your question, and maybe we'll know what you're actually asking.

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    Wow, thankyou! exactly what I was searching for. I tried looking for the answer on other websites but I couldn't find them.

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    Yeah I agree with what's been said so far

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    you get if you are bumped from a flight thats how you get them providng you showed up on time and the flight is overbooked you usually get a vocher for an flight and /or a hotel or food)

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