what do u think about Mexico?

i'm not looking for answers like cool or anything i want like about government and politics important stuff OK!


i'm not try to be a racist i'm doing a project about mexico !

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    Mexico confuses me. They are next to the most influential country in the world, and we have had almost no influence on their government system. Canada embrases our government, so their people enjoy our money, people, etc. I read that in Mexico, no one who was not born in Mexico, can own land there. Well that is smart! No big American company will invest in a place where they cannot own the land! No wonder the country is one big poverty.

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    Okay.. the first person who answered you is a racist... ¬¬

    I'm Mexican... and yes... we do have a kinda mixed up government.

    We'll be changing gobernor in Dec,1st... and in my opinion, Fox is leaving him the country really messed up.

    Did you know about the whole issue in Oaxaca? with the teachers? well it's getting worse... you must have heard of it, they killed an american reporter (I don't remember where from the USA he was exactly right now, sorry.), and not only this (which they fear it's going to emerge also in Chiapas), but also the fact that the candidate from PRD who lost the elections has been extremly stubborn. He assures and could swear to God that there was fraud in the elections, and that HE won, not Felipe Calderon. (The candidate who lost is names Andres Manuel Lopes Obrador... AMLO to save space)

    AMLO recently had a "legal and original" assembly where he declared himself new president, and thanked the people who voted for them (and that's about half the country)... so this as you can imagine is KINDA dangerous.

    I don't know if he's still planning on steppin in on Dec,1st... I haven't watched the news in like a week and a half (finals...), but the last time I saw he said out in public that the change of government from Fox to Calderon must be stopped, that Mexico had to be "released from this immense fraud".

    Ok.. just saw the news right now...

    It's madness!!

    The senators from PRD (AMLO) and PAN (Calderón) started a fight since 1:30 pm, arguing about who should take the court, claiming, each party, that it was theirs' and that the others had absolutely nothing to do there. I just saw the images. They're behaving worse than we did in junior high. There were punches and screams, women and men mixed. No respect AT ALL. One man tried CLIMBING... C.L.I.M.B.I.N.G. ... My god! I never expected that someone that was being paid so damn much could act like that!

    I'm starting to get scared... what kind of government is Calderon gonna receive in TWO days? :S

    Source(s): If you want more info. I can get it for you.... ginny_ellen@yahoo.com
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    Mexico is rich in culture, and needs to have more Mexican patriots in their parliament and government in general. Mexico needs more Mexican patriots who does something about the mistreatments the U.S. does to its citizens all over the border states. It is time for Mexico to have a GOOD REVOLUTION and kick out all the U.S. puppet politicians and once again rule Mexico and South America again. Your people are one of the MOST HARD WORKING people in America, and THEY DESERVED a more respect than they get every day. The average American doesn't realize he eats and sleeps in peace, because a Mexican is fighting for him in Iraq, and in Afghanistan while they descriminate him. Sad.

    CHANGES MUST BE SEEN IN MEXICO for the survival, moral, and respect for all MEXICANS.

    viva Mexico!

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    i think mexico is great they got the couch haze cronic high grade low grade sweets skunk bubble gum lambsbread 747 now thats politics an the people are great hard workers and GET ALL THOSE PREJUSTICE *** PEOPLE OFF THE BORDER THOSE FREAKEN RED NECKS WILL NEVER DIE and don't put up that STUPID WALL it will come down just like all the other wall have come down RED NECKS GET A BETTER LIFE . LOVE YOURSELF

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    1 decade ago

    In fact, i think politic is a piece of **** in all countries. I know a lot of Mexicans and all of them are great persons. We just can't judge people for the conduct of government they came from.

    Source(s): I'm Cuban and I know what a terrible government is...
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    I think all the mexican immagrants need to take what they have learned about democracy,go home, and overthrow the Napolianic govt. they have had for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long.

    Source(s): my 2 cents.
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    it is a poor, dirty dusty place, the water is dangerous to drink. The government there is mostly socialist. it is like a communist regime. When I was there the currency was not worth much.

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    you racist....mexico is just as ****** up as the usa is......

    Usa Has sent thousands of soldiers to DIE just so that they can get hold of the petroleum there....

    Mexico has extremely bad water systems... it's in poverty... but it's not picking fights with anyone....they make money off of tourism....

    Source(s): I Am Mexican/American
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    It's cool.

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    1 decade ago

    I think I don't want to live there.

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