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Do flea collars really work?

Or is a person just wasting his/her money on them?

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    Hi you notice the consensus--flea collars really don't work all that well. Mostly they'll force the fleas away from where the collar is but don't manage to eliminate them from other areas of the body. Most over the counter flea products can be outright deadly such as Hartz . So in essence, the money would be better spent towards more effective flea infestation products such as Frontline, Advantage or Revolution.

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    Do Flea Collars Really Work

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    Flea liquid, the one you get from a vet, NOT the over the counter ones. Flea collars accomplish nothing effective and can be dangerous to the animal. Take it off the cat and get proper flea treatment for the cat too. I stopped using flea collars many many years ago, before there were flea drops to use, after finding that on my cat, under the collar, was a ring of red and weeping skin with all the hair gone. Dreadful things. Don't know why anyone buys them or why they're still sold.

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    Flea collars can be dangerous to your dog or cat and in some cases Fatal.

    But I have found only one that truly works and you can only get it through your veterinarian. It is called PREVENTIC. This collar really works for fleas and ticks. It will last for 3 months and about every 30 days take a alcohol swab and clean the collar this will keep it activated. Here in Oklahoma they cost $15.00.

    I never used or liked flea collars until I used this collar. I rescue alot of dogs and I had only one that had an allergic reaction to the collar. He started getting a rash where the collar was. I took it off and bathed him. He was fine. It really works but you can only buy it from your Vet. Good luck.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Do flea collars really work?

    Or is a person just wasting his/her money on them?

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    Flea collars can be deadly..It is wonder they are still on the market..and they don't even work..You ought to see what they do to poor cats..

    click on stories archives on left sidebar>

    Look at this poor cat>

    or this one>

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    You are wasting your money. It is best to visit the vets and get on something like Frontline. It is a little bit more expensive but it does work.

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    NO try advantage or frontline instead

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    sure, if you only want to keep fleas off their head, seriously!!!

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