why do cops get free coffee from convience stores or dunkin donuts?


their job is to fight crime and as a taxpayer i pay for their salary, but other people work overnights and they are not given free coffee for doing a job that they are already paid to do

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    It's their version of protection bribes. Think about it, it's pretty cheap eh!

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    Not all officers are given free coffee - but those places that do -do so out of gratitude. These men and women risk their lives and for very little pay (avg $30-45K). They are brave and honorable and if I had a shop I would gladly give a free cup or even a meal if they would accept. These people, like those in our armed forces, represent the best in all of us. Sometime instead of just seeing a uniform take a look at the person inside and think of their children, spouse, parents and be grateful they are out there to keep the peace so you can go about your day without that burden.

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    They don't, at least not in my town. My dad is a police sergeant and baker's square tried dropping off some pies at the police department and they had to throw the pies out because it could be seen as a bribe of some sort. They're not allowed to accept anything for free.

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  • sassy
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    Its a polite and respectful gesture given to those men and womenjavascript:void(0);

    Check Spelling. Many of these men and women will refuse, and some who offer this are actually offended if not taken up on it, because it is all they have to give.. Why does this bother you so much.. these people risk their lives for us. It may not always seem that way, until you personally actually come face to face with it.

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    Alot of other jobs don't require risking their lives for you to be safe. People don't give cops the respect they deserve. True some are fat bastards that hide and wait for speeders. But then there are the hardworking ones who are cleaning up our streets of murderers, child molestors, rapists, theives, etc. They get free coffee out of respect.

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    Because these type of stores are open all night and like it when the cops hang out there so there is no trouble, etc. so they give them free coffee just to keep them around.

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    I used to work in a small and isolated campus coffee shop when I was in university. I always ended up with the late shift, so on my dad's advice (he was a city policeman) I started giving free coffee and treats to security. They came around much more often, and I felt safer.

    Source(s): My life experience.
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    Because businesses that have a police presence tend not to be targets of crime.

    The C store my son works graveyard shift in gives cops free drinks any time they come in.

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    So they can stay up through the night fighting crime.

    I think the free coffee is a small incentive for that.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm thinking it's just one of the many perks in having a job in law enforcement.

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