Is it ok to sleep with your co-worker? and why? (whether yes or no)?

my co-worker is hot and i just think if i slept with them then i wouldn't be so distracted throughout the day at work.

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    Now there's a loaded question. The biggest mistake you'll ever make is to get involved with a co worker. It never works out. Someone usually gets fired or is forced to find other employment when the relationship ends either amicably or bitterly. It's a no win situation my friend. It breeds jealousy & resentment from other co workers & employers discourage it. Some employers will fire employees for office or workplace affairs. If you're distracted find something else to concentrate on. Like your job before you lose it!

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    Them? If you're planning to sleep with more than one co-worker then there will be serious problems in the work area. Think about it, what happens if you end up in the same room as the persons you've slept with. A little on the uneasy side isn't it? So I guess my answer is don't do it. And even if you meant there is one co-worker you want to sleep with, I still think it might be a bad decision. Whether you sleep with your co-worker or not, you're gonna be distraced...who are you kidding? You're just gonna want it more once you had it. If it were me, I would. Take my advice, if you're planning to work where you're working at for a long time, don't do's not worth it. I know the temptations are tought but I've been in those situations and the end results were bad!

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    It's not a good idea to sleep with your co-worker. You're stuck with your co-workers for as long as you or they work there. You have to see this person for 8 hours, 5 days a week. If something went wrong and you hated each other after having slept together, you're going to be really unhappy at work.

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    Sure it's OK to sleep with a co-worker. You spend most of your time at work, so most of the people you meet and get attracted to are going to be co-workers. So why not follow through? Go for it!

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    A lot of people have personal rules against dating or fooling around with co-workers. If the relationship takes a dive, your work life can become VERY uncomfortable.

    Think carefully about this and even though you are infatuated right now (many of us know the feeling) think about how often you see him or how closely you work together, and if you two were to have a "falling out" how would it affect your daily work life?

    If you are both willing to take the risk, then go for it...but be prepared for possible consequences.

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    It's okay to sleep with a co-worker. However keep in mind that once you go there it's no turning back. If you ever break up with them that working relationship is OVER! Totally ruined. However, if it's worth the risk go for it! My wife and I used to work together and it was great. I also used to work with an ex-girlfriend and it got bad real quick as soon as we broke up - she lied on me, tried to get me in all kinds of trouble and in meetings it was just awkward. If you respect her enough to stay the long term, or just can't help yourself - sleep with them. If you have any concerns about post-break up, keeping your job, being happy at work - don't do it.

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    Which is it one or more than one? Sleeping with him/her/them will not make you less distracted. It will do quite the opposite. It will also disrupt the workplace. Time to grow up and be a little less self-centered. Keep your private and social life away from the work place. Your employer, fellow employees and customers deserve that much. What makes you think the other employees are interested in sleeping with you anyway?

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    Well, I wouldn't recommend it because sure everything is great while you guys are okay and having fun, and suddenly work is more pleasant than what it used to be, but the moment something goes wrong or someone feels hurt and you decide to break it off, then it's going to be very awkward during work... and it could get nasty... people have to choose sides or if someone invites you and not the other person because they suggested that they dont want you to come because well its uncomfortable...and then well soon you'll hate going to work... just try to stay friends if that ever happens...

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    Some offices do not allow relationships between employees. It is a fireable offence. So you may wanna check with your HR dept. on that.

    I think it's OK to see someone it it is allowable so long as it does not interfere with your work.

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    No. Keep in mind that you will have to face that co-worker every day. Also, office talk and gossip is cheap and flows pretty heavily and therefore can be very embarrassing.

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