fusic phone with sprint?

where do you go to download music to this phone? do you have to use the sprint site? and do I have to subscribe a plan in order to use the downloaded music on this phone? I just switched phones but the sprint rep never said anything about signing me up for their power vision plan at 15.00 a month. the plan includes web access, on demand, email, IM, sprint music access and sprint tv...I don't need all that stuff. But I want the music to work. Anyone know? I am going to call Sprint when I get home, but thought someone might have an answer. thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Download the software to your PC. You can then load MP3 files directly on to the phone's memory.

    PS: You should probably buy the upgraded memory card.

    Source(s): Wife has the Fusic phone. I loaded numerous tunes on it for her.
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