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What 3 capitlized letters are entered together as an entry word in the dictionary?

Find as many as you can...

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    ACC- Air Coordinating Committeepg. 6

    ACE- American Council on Educationpg. 8

    ACP- American College of Physicianspg. 9

    ACT- American College Testpg. 9

    ACV- Actual cash valuepg. 10

    ADC- Air Defense Commandpg. 10

    AEC- Atomic Energy Commissionpg. 12

    AKA- Also known aspg. 15

    AMA- American Medical Associationpg. 18

    APA- American Psychiatric Associationpg. 24

    APO- Army Post Officepg. 25

    ARC- American Red Crosspg. 29

    ARV- American Revised Versionpg. 32

    ASA- American Society of Appraiserspg. 32

    ASA- American Statistical Associationpg. 32

    ASI- Airspeed indicatorpg. 33

    ASR- Airport surveillance radarpg. 33

    ASR- Air-sea rescuepg. 33

    ATM- Automatic Teller Machine pg.35

    BBA- Bachelor of Business Administrationpg.43

    BOS- Basic Operating Systempg. 55

    BSA- Boy Scouts of America pg.61

    CRT- Cathode Ray Tubepg. 101

    DBA- Doing business aspg. 105

    DOS- Disk operating systempg. 131

    EOE- Equal Opportunity Employerpg. 144

    FBI- Federal Bureau of Investigationpg. 162

    GPO- General Post Officepg. 198

    HUD- Department of Housing and Urban Developmentpg.223

    IEA- International Education Association pg. 228

    IFO- Identified flying objectpg. 228

    IGY- International Geophysical Yearpg. 228

    IHP- Indicated horsepowerpg. 228

    IMF- International Monetary Fundpg. 230

    IOC- International Olympic Committeepg. 254

    IOU- I owe youpg. 255

    IUD- Interuterine devicepg. 258

    MBA-Master of Business Administrationpg. 292

    MIA- Missing in actionpg. 296

    MST- Mountain Standard Timepg. 306

    NBA- National Basketball Associationpg. 311

    NBA- National Boxing Association pg. 311

    PST- Pacific Standard Timepg. 342

    PTA- Parent Teacher Associationpg. 342

    RAM- Random access memorypg. 346

    SAM- Surface-To-Air Missilepg. 365

    SMV-Slow moving vehiclepg. 392

    SNG- Substitute natural gaspg. 393

    SOS- call for helppg. 396

    From Webster’s Dictionary

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    World Rights Reserved


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