My Grandfather was killed in Eau Court Sur Somme on May 21st, 1940. What was engagement that he was killed in.

My Grandfather was a Serjeant in the Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey). He was killed with two other soldiers and is buried in a churchyard in Eau Court Sur Somme (Commonwealth Graves Commission, great well maintained website). I want to find information about his regiment and what he was doing when he was killed. I have read many magazines and newspapers from that time but have not been able to identify his unit in any of them. My question is are there resources I can examine to find out more about him and his unit. Thanks in advance for your help as this is very important to me.

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    I hope this will help......................................

    In 1966, The Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment became part of The Queen’s Regiment and as a result of further reductions of Infantry in 1992 The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment was formed by the amalgamation of The Queen’s Regiment and The Royal Hampshire Regiment. (Their website is

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    In my atlas I couldn't find Eau sur Somme, but I did find Sommette-Eaucourt which is in Picardy. If it was 1940 that he was killed there, it was obviously before Dunkirk (May/June 1940), and may well have been some minor reargaurd action.

    Perhaps you might start at the Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) website

    They have a regimental history and the site looks pretty comprehensive.

    Sorry, kbinmaine. The US was NOT battling Germany in 1940. Britain and the Commonwealth were standing alone after the fall of France!

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    Some more informations:

    The mentioned town is around 5 km = 3 miles south of Abbeville. (see first link).

    According to a German wikipedia site there was a case "yellow" which had the target to isolate the British Expeditionary Forces from the French Forces. The attack was mainly executed by tanks, the tank group which reached the channel on May 21st at Abbeville was under the leadership of Guederian (he was one of the best known tank leaders at that time). (see second link).

    According to an english wikipedia page the town of Abbevile was heavily bombed (but it is not clear if this was during this attack, but chances are high). There is a high probability that the tanks were some miles outside the city and the bombardment took place on the 20th.

    I suggest several thinks:

    There should be books about Guederian even in english which could be checked for this battle.

    I know from personal experience that there are diaries kept in the local offices of the mayor. As Abbeville has been bombed there is a high chance that they were destroyed but maybe some towns around have some left. The easiest way is to contact them and ask for copies from this day. There maybe newspaper from this time or articles whcih have been written in certain years after the battle - ask for copies.

    Visit the town and ask for eyewitnesses. My grandfather died in a battle in the Normandy in August 1944 and we were able to find an eyewitness of the battle who was in personal contact with him 3 days before he died. You may contat schools: they may had a project to document the battle or the local historian.

    Contact the regiment, there is a possibility that they have a log of the battle or have eyewitness documentation or even there is one of the soldiers still alive who can give information.

    Good luck !

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    I would suggest you try to contact the Regiment and find from the Regimental Historian what was the action involved. However, from the date you mention it WAS NOT the Battle of the Somme (WWI 1914-1918). At the time of your Grandfather's death, the British Expeditionary Force was trying to stem the advance of the German Army but there were no major engagements until the encirclement of Dunkirk and the evacuation but rather a continuous fighting retreat to the Channel coast.

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    I enjoy tracking down people/events etc.

    But without sufficient info -name etc. almost impossible.

    Somewhere on the Somme - Defence of Escaut perhaps/Operation Dynamo.

    Below is a link you may have tried but may be worth a second look.

    Best of luck.

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    Are you sure you don't mean 1914 there was not real battles in 1940, maybe minor skirmishes Oh and by the way the US didn't even enter the war till 1941 so don't let any stupid Americans tell you they were fighting Germany!!!!

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    I think it is generalise into the Battle of the Somme.

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    The Us was battling Germany then. worldwarII.

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