Good anime series without risque humor...?

Can anyone recommend some T-rated or under anime series with very little/ no risque humor? Can have language or violence, but I wanna be able to watch it in front of my parents. ;)

Series I already like include Bleach, Kaliedo Star and DN Angel. Thanks!


Okay, I need series that have already been released in North America or will be before Christmas... and I forgot to mention that I'm already in love with Naruto. :)

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    1 decade ago
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    yea thers Naruto and theres also

    Tsubasa Resevior Chronicals

    Ouran High Host Club

    Fruits Basket


    The Mythical Dectective Loki Ragnarok

    Eureka Seven


    Strawberry Marshmallow

    Elemental Gelade

    Oban Star-Racers



    Petite Princess Yuice




    .Hack// Roots

    .Hack// Twilight

    Hikaru No Go

    The Prince of Tennis

    Samurai Jack

    Oyayubihime Infinity >>>> Manga

    Otogi Zoshi >>>>> Manga

    Destiny's Hand >>>> Manga

    MegaTokyo >>>>Manga

    Air Gear >>>>>> Manga

    Princess TuTu

    Kurogane >>>>>> Manga

    NOW >>>>>>>> Manga

    Skip Beat! >>>>>>> Manga

    Peppermint >>>>>>>>> Manga

    The Recipe For Gratitude >>>>>>>Manga

    Full Moon

    Nanaka 6/17

    p.s some mangas might be animes as well

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    5 years ago

    Yes It Defiantly Depends On The Series.. Especially if It's Too Dragged Out To Begin WIth.. It Can Be Good To Have Fillers Because It Lets You Know The Anime Characters A little More.. And Some Of Them Can Be Funny.. Anime Have Fillers So That The Manga Can Catch Up To The Series.. It Can Be Bad To Have Too Many Fillers Because You Get Tired Of Them, Often Leading To Aggravation.. Naruto Has A Lot Of Fillers But I Still Love The Series..

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    1 decade ago

    try the Miyazaki movies, like Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Porco Rosso, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind; they're all very excellent anime movies that are good for the family; little if no bad humor. There's also Steamboy, a very good and visually stunning movie without any bad humor whatsoever. But these are all movies, so I'm not sure this is what you're looking for. These are the anime I usually recommend (with all the risque-humor stuff taken out):

    .hack//SIGN (even if you're not familiar with the .hack world, it's still good)

    .hack//ROOTS (yet to come out)

    R.O.D. TV (good action/drama-ish)

    Tenchi Muyo is rather clean (well, except for a few episodes *ahem* but despite some of the what could be called "risque" humor, it's an excellent, classic anime series)

    Spiral (superb drama/mystery/action/suspense) I personally love this series...though not all of the big questions are answered. ~_~

    Cowboy Bebop is a good anime, action/sci-fi/humor. It might have a tad bit of "risque" humor here and there, but I can't recall any immediate examples.

    There's always Digimon ^_^

    I hope this helps ^_^. Yeah, I can relate to your problem; I have trouble watchin some (actually most) anime in front of my parents too, 'cause I'm afraid they're gonna say something about it >_<''

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    FullMetal Alchemist doesn't have any risque humor. Not even much bad language, but lots of violence.

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    Initial D. So far I have only seen Stage One (first season), but I am hooked. If you like cars and racing, with some comedy, drama, and even a love story or two thrown in then you will like it.

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    Naruto is really fun. A lot of people like Full Metal Alchemist....a little more serious but pretty fun.

    I personally like Naruto.

    ...oh, another kinda fun one is One Piece. i'm sure its ok for parents to see cuz its kinda goofier, but fun.

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    1 decade ago

    oh you can definitely watch Azumanga Daioh!! It has the random type of humour that anyone can watch in front of their parents XD

    it's just complete comedy.

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    Try Trinity Blood, it is about vampires and cruznicks, it is not that bad a gorryness, but then again what anime is. ;)

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