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Week 13 Quarterback: Manning, Brady, or Romo?

P. Manning v. Tennessee?

Romo v. New York Giants?

Brady v. Detroit?

I have all three, so whom should I start?

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    I would play Manning... He is a great quarterback and is going to get you a good amount of points against Tennessee.

    I wouldn't take Brady because you don't know if detroit's defense is actually gonna show up and do something to stop the Pat's

    I wouldn't start Romo over Manning because he still throws INT's and might end up losing you more points than Manning.

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    All three pass defenses give up between 215-220.

    On the ground Tenn gives up over 145.

    Giants 104

    Detriot over 130.

    All that being said....there is no reason not to run the ball ALL DAY LONG on TENN and DETROIT. The GIANTS vs COWBOYS game is a huge rivalry and the rush D usually steps up even more for those games.

    My pick ---------- ROMO...he WILL throw for over 300 against the Giants!

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    I want to know how in the hell did you get three awesome quarterbacks????? I can see picking up Romo late but to have Manning AND Brady. I'm questioning the knowlege of your opponents. I don't think you can go wrong actually. But I'd go w/ Brady. Detroit is TERRIBLE.

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    Usually you always gotta go with Peyton because of consistency, but Peyton will check down to Addai or Rhodes a lot more than usual with a horrible Tennesse run defense.

    I expect Brady to come out throwing and he should have a big time performance vs. Detroit. Look how good Harrington did against Detroit, judging on that game its possibly Brady could throw five TD's.

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    If Pacman Jones plays well for Tennesse, Manning might be in trouble. Romo will play like he has the last couple of games, but it might not count as much against the giants as it did against Tampa Bay. I think Brady will have the best chance against Detroit seeing as their team is falling apart and he's Tom Brady. good luck.

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    I'd start Brady, he's playing well the past few weeks and put up some decent numbers against da Bears.

    A better question might be why not trade one of the QBs for help at another position?

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    Go with Romo. The Giants have dropped their last couple of games, and they may not be at their best. Besides he's been doing great lately out of all three.

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    I love the way Romo is playing right now but you have to start Manning with him you know what your getting.

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    Manning, Brady hasn't been doing good so far. Romo was just lucky on Thu.

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    Go with Romo. Manning is the better QB but as you saw in last night's game, Dungy is content to run the ball like crazy if they get ahead.

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