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I need to fly from Orlando to Silicon Valley. Should I fly to San Jose, San Francisco or another Airport?

I can fly from Sanford or Orlando International Airport. Which airport (and airline) is the most convenient to reach Silicon Valley, CA....Mineta San Jose International, San Jose/Reid-Hillview of Santa Clara County, San Francisco International or Oakland International ?

And what transport (e.g. cab, train, shuttle, hire car etc) is the cheapest solution to get from the Airport to the technology companies in Silicon Valley ?

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    The most convenient airport is San Jose Airport. San Francisco is about 1 hour from San Jose and Oakland is about 45 minutes from San Jose.

    The cheapest solution to get from the airport to technology companies from San Jose Airport would be shuttle or cab. I am not aware of any public transportation to/ from San Jose Airport.

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    Closest airport is likely San Jose, unless the company you're visiting is in Palo Alto or North, in which case San Francisco comes into the picture.

    Oakland usually has the cheaper flights, although this can vary.

    San Francisco may have more flight options, especially non-stops.

    You'll probably need a car or a cab. There is light rail around San Jose and Milpitis, but I don't think it goes to the airport. BART is heavy rail (subway) around the bay area, but it doesn't go to Silicon Valley proper, although there are stations in San Francisco airport and not far from Oakland airport.

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    The technology companies run all the way from San Francisco

    to San Jose. You'll have to be more specific.

    My advice is that you find a hotel/motel midpoint and rent a car

    unless you have a specific itinerary.

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