I'm in love with a drug addict?!!?

We have been together for 5 years and have 2 kids together. He is a crackhead that has recently relapsed. He did the normal things like lying and stealing things for money including money from all of us that care about him. Right now he's in jail. I love him, but I am so confused. What would you do?

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    As someone who has been there, I know what you are asking. I asked the same questions. The problem is that by loving him, you are enabling his drug use. You need to get some counseling to help you see that your love for him is not healthy for you or your children. It isn't real love. You are being abused, emotionally, maybe even physically, by being with him. It will destroy your lives, along with his life. It would be in your best interest to leave this relationship. Until he can beat his addiction, there will be no room for you and your kids. Do you want your children to grow up in that kind of atmosphere? I hope not. You need to get your priorities straightened and move on to a better life.

    My thoughts are with you. Make the right decision.

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    youv'e been & seen the good AND the bad in your partner.Is lying /stealing normal? Having been thru rehab for meth, your best soulation for you AND your children is to leave! Youv'e seen him go/do some real bizarre stuff, hasn't any of it scared you yet?

    You love him, but you also love your children . Do them the best favor possible, help them to attsin a "normal childhood". Not one where the cops are at thr door, much less your crackhead's dealer looking for $ &/or blood. When the c-head gets busted up in front of you children, how are they gonna feel?? what? sorry for daddy getting beat up for not paying off his debt? or say their grandfather "having had his fill of the c-head and tired of the damage he'as done to all of you" put a gun to his head and the kids hear him ask, do you love my daughter so much that you force her to have a life like yous? You have 10 seconds to choose, get clean and straight or you take this weaspon and pull the trigger yourself. Cause that what your doing to MY LOVED ONES" girl, this is my get straight experience, my own. I love my wife, who i married,finally. And every day is "just stay clean for just today. Just today, cause yesterday's gone, and tomorrow isn't here. Just today, thats all

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    If he is currently locked up and out of the home then do this --don't let him come back until he has gone thru a program and has been clean for at least one year--test him as often as you feel you need to --if he says no then tell him fine you guess he doesn't want his family back--we all know that drugs are the devils advocate and its tearing family's down everyday you and the kids deserve better and its up to him to get better not drag you down too. I know what its like to love a man that is like this --and I had to kick him to the curb and tell him he could either leave the drugs or his family because he wasn't going to be with us and have us all worried sick when he didn't come home or have to be afraid to god to sleep at night because you didn't know what was going to be missing in the morning--

    So one year out of the home clean and finish a 12 step

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    You already know what five years of misery have brought--two beautiful children and a guy that has made you "nothing but miserable" most of the time. For yourself, and the children, don't let him come back. Show you care, make him take care of himself, prove for at least a year that "he cares about himself" by getting the help he so desperately needs. You've had five years of drug related problems, for another ten or fifteen years--take him back!!

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    Protect yourself and your children- leave and don't look back-- maybe he will go to Teen Challenge- it is for adults too- and has helped many addicts-ect- there is one in Midland Texas- and other places-I wish the judge would order it - some have-D

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    Please leave this loser and create a better life for your children. You are being negligient in regard to the care of your children by remaining with this crimininal. Get out before Child Protection decides your children are better off in foster care!

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    Run for the hills,and thank God that you have this chance to escape. If you love your children and yourself, please RUN.Staying will not help him,and it will surely not help you and the kids.If you feel a need to try and help him do it from afar...because if he does not want to help himself, beleive me there is nothing you can do...he WILL pull you and them down into whatever whole he is digging for himself-everything you work hard for will be gone in the time it takes him to sell it off for CRACK.

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    just thnk about ur and ur children future wid him..he is not able to serve as a good dad..more over what ur children are gonna inheret 4m him.....u hav lots of reasons to move on..n im sure a nice n emotional lady like u..will definatly get a person who is worth ur love and attention.so best of luck!!

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    Addiction is addiction..regardless of what sort, ya know? If I were

    you..I would change my name and move far away.( just kiddin).

    But, he is sick. And he will wreck your life and your kids. Its not

    easy on your own,...but its way healthier and happier than having

    to live with someone who brings you down farther and farther.

    Find someone who will bring you up. He may never change.....he

    has an L on his forehead.

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    i have done my share of partying but never never have i stolen from those i loved. He is lost in a selfish drug induced world - chances are he will have to lose all and start from the rock bottom before he will realize it. Please! for your kids, leave him!

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