In california, Great new invention- Need help with patenting information?

Okay My family has come up with a great new idea for an invention. We live here in southern clifornia and we need to know how to go about patenting the idea and/or creating the prototype and patenting, fees, companies(legitimate not so much for profit) and the way to go about making it happen with out fowl play invovlved

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    Normally, the first step is to conduct a patent search to see if there is anything out there that would be to close to your invention. A search helps an inventor decide whether it makes sense to move forward. A search also better helps inventors know what is out there so that when they do describe their own inventions they can do it with an eye toward particularly pointing out what makes the invention unique in view of other inventions. A search is not required, but if you are trying to start the process right it is always a wise first step.

    The next step would be (or if you decide not to do a search the first step would be) to file some type of patent application. Most individual inventors find a provisional application to be best to start. This will keep your costs down, but provide you with a patent pending, which protects you in several ways. First, it locks in your filing date, which is extremely important. Although in the US we are what is called a first to invent nation, meaning the patent goes to the first to invent, procedurally there is a significant benefit to being the first to file an application. Second, there are certain time tables associated with patent law, some of which act to bar your ability to apply for a patent. These bars generally speaking prevent you from applying for a patent more than 12 months after you or others have done certain things, such as sold a product related to the invention. Because others can create a bar without your knowledge it is important to file an application as soon as reasonably possible. You will still need to file a non-provisional within 12 months, but filing a provisional application buys you time to determine whether moving forward with the expense makes sense.

    Alternatively, you could just start with a non-provisional application, which is an application that will ultimately lead to an issued patent, assuming the invention is patentable.

    In terms of marketing, stay away from invention submission companies. The sad but simple truth is that many inventors and entrepreneurs have had their share of difficulty with the various invention submission and idea promotion companies out there. You have probably seen them advertised on television, usually in the extremely late night or extremely early morning hours. They promise free information, and tell you that they will help you patent your idea, make your invention and/or market your product. Unfortunately many inventors and entrepreneurs have learned the hard way that these companies (such as Davison and Invent Tech) all too frequently talk big and perform little or nothing.

    In terms of manufacturing, what I would suggest is getting in contact with your local Chamber of Commerce and see if there are any reputable manufacturers in your area that you can meet with.

    I would also suggest that you consider trying to find an inventors group in your area. I know there are several in CA. These groups are good because other inventors can tell you who to use and who to stay away from.

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    First apply for a patent. This way you will know for sure if the idea is 100% yours and if it is, it will also make it more difficult for someone else to come up with or steal your idea later.

    After the idea is yours, get in contact with companies that should or would produce your idea. Some companies might flat out reject your idea without even looking at it. They often do this to make sure that they dont take any form of inspiration from your idea and pretty much copy it, so that 2 months later you come back and sue them.

    More than likely if your idea is worth a patent and granted one, you wont have a terribly hard time trying to get it produced. If no one with capitol wants to invest in your idea, reach into your own pocket. If you know that its a great Idea, AND your family is supporting it then it shouldnt be so hard trying to convince them to fund its production. (Though I dont know how big or small your inventions production scope is which will be a huge factor in the production cost).

    Go to tradeshows that pretain to the genre of product that your idea falls under. Have a working or tangible unit to display or interact with. Anyone can walk in with drawings and graphs and say "This is great it will sell". When you actually have a product to demonstrate that is when people will know "This is great, it will sell!"

    If you dont have the means to produce your own prototype try here

    Lastly you will need patience and persistance. And a little luck wont hurt either ; )

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    Yes, because usually an invention has many parts and modes, so it could be used for whatever you think it could do. Like, if you gave some cavemen a laptop, some will use it as a weapon, some will try to extract parts that could be used as working tools, and some will use it as a snack tray. It'll take a long time before they actually find the correct use for it. Sometimes the invention's use can be pretty obvious (like a mirror), but it all depends on your intelligence or how your brain interprets how it could be used. So, yeah, maybe the new invention is a titanium bowl with unlimited heat settings to heat anything up, but a person might try to turn the bowl upside down, stick their head inside, and see if it gives them an automatic haircut. :P I'm pretty sure an invention will be used in many different ways before its correct use is figured out.

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