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英文下半段 幫我改文法 PLEASE

Don’t tell friends, family, and co-worker before you break up. Before telling the whole world that you want to end the relationship, make sure it is your partner first to know. After you break up, say as little as possible about the details. I think it is a private issue between you and your partner. John, One of my friends, had a girlfriend, he and his girlfriend were once quite loved each other. However, the girl wanted to break up with him by using some ways. She talked about the bad behavior of her boyfriend to classmates and friends except him. She told everyone that he sometimes saying the foul words or hitting her. Although he was trying to explain, he was misunderstanding by classmates. As a result, he had no choice but to break up with the girl. I think it is not a respectful manner towards the partner

Besides, another important aspect about end a relationship is choosing the right space. Try not to discuss in a public place like a restaurant crowed with people, you may not saying everything you want. Instead, you can feel comfortable at the right place. One of my friends, Sara was trying to break up his boyfriend. One day, she chooses the restaurant cowered with people. However, she cannot say everything she wants because the surrounding seems that everyone was looking at her. People have most curious to hear about the gossip. She thought everyone eavesdropped their talking. Therefore, she cannot tell her feeling to his boyfriends.

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    Do not tell any of your friends, family, or co-workers before breaking up with your boy or girl friend. You have to make sure that your boy or girl friend is the first to know about the break up before telling anyone else in the planet. It is better to tell as little details as possible after the break up, because it is a private issue between the two of you. My friend john once had a gril friend, even thought they loved each other very much, but the girl broke up with him by using terrible false gossips. She first talked about John's bad behaviors in front of their classmates while John is away, and she also lies about how John used false language and hit her. John tried to explain to everyone, but no one believed him, and as a end result, he broke up with the girl unwillingly. it is such a terrible and unrespcetful way to end a relationship, people have to learn how to keep good manners even when we are trying to end a relationship.

    Also, it is important to choose the right place to end a relationship. It is not wise to discuss something personal such as break up in the public such as a restaurant full of peopel, you may not be able to say everything you want to say. you will fell much easier and comfortable if you are in the right place. My other friend, Sara, tried to break up with her boy friend in a crowded restaurant, but she wasnt able to say anything, because she was surrounded by many people. She felt that everyone was looking at her, and was trying to overhear their converstation, because of this, she failed to tell her boyfriend her feeling about the relationship.

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