If possible, Can i watch HDTV without having to pay any monthly payments?

I have an HDready TV, im planning on buying an HD reciever. Most recievers i see are DIrect TV recievers, so i was wondering do you have to pay direct TV, comcast (whatever) a monthly payment to be able to watch HD programs?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Depending upon where you live, you might get off the air channel, and those are free. You will need to purchase a TUNER. You mentioned Direct TV recievers, that is a satellite reciever and you will have to pay monthly to get it turned on. If you live in a metropolitian area, you should get local channels if you get a ATSC tuner. Shy away from NTSC tuners as all local broadcaster must move to ATSC format in 2008.

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    I work for a Cable company. Usually, as long as you have the equipment (or you rent it) the channels are provided as an added "perk" to the package. This perk is only usable by HDTV owners. Most providers are luring consumers by offering more HD channels than others, but that doesnt mean you pay more money per channel or anything.

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah! I dont have cable, I just use an antenna (no time to watch tv anyway!) and I have an HDTV...some channels have channels in HD. :-)

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