Is Chavez also infiltrating our nation with illegals?

Chavez vows to beat the "devil"

Sun Nov 26, 2006 5:52 PM ET

By Brian Ellsworth

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuela's leftist President Hugo Chavez on Sunday promised hundreds of thousands of supporters he would win a resounding victory in his December 3 reelection bid he describes as a challenge to Washington.

The former soldier and self-styled revolutionary is favored in the polls to beat rival Manuel Rosales after building a solid political base through a social development campaign financed by oil revenues.

Chavez supporters flooded Caracas thoroughfares waving flags and banners, congregating in different parts of the downtown a day after Rosales sympathizers held a similar march to close his campaign in the capital city.

"We are confronting the devil, and we will hit a home run off the devil next Sunday," said Chavez, who ruffled feathers in October by calling President Bush the devil in remarks at the United Nations.

"On December 3 we're going to defeat


the most powerful empire on earth by knockout," Chavez said.

Donning red like most of his supporters, Chavez delivered a two-hour speech marked by his signature combination of fiery leftist rhetoric and crowd antics typical of pop music concerts.

He spent nearly ten minutes trying to see which of four groups of demonstrators could cheer louder -- then told them all to be quiet.

"Whoever talks first will turn into a donkey," he thundered, only to break into his unmistakable giggle.

Following his speech, Chavez drove through the packed Avenida Bolivar standing atop a campaign vehicle, dancing to political jingles and occasionally reaching into the crowd to shake hands with supporters.


The weekend, with massive government and opposition rallies choking the capital's streets, reflected the country's political polarization.

In the opposition stronghold of Altamira, Chavez supporters on their way to the march leaned out of windows waving posters of their "Comandante,

Update 2:

and screamed "Viva Chavez."

Residents in expensive sports-utility vehicles honked their horns in protest and shouted the opposition slogan "Dare."

But a street cleaner and parking attendant held up their hands and spread their fingers, a symbol of Chavez's goal of sweeping 10 million of Venezuela's 16 million voters.

The demonstrations themselves were also markedly different, with Chavez's joking spontaneity contrasting with Rosales' emotional but stern and unsmiling appearance in the opposition's Saturday march.

Rosales in August united a fractured opposition movement that failed to oust Chavez through a botched coup and a grueling two-month oil strike in 2002 and a failed recall referendum in 2004.

Most polls give Chavez a wide lead, with one AP-Ipsos poll showing Chavez sweeping 59 percent of likely voters compared to only 27 percent for Rosales, who points to opposition-linked polls that show the race much tighter.

First elected in 1998, Chavez, a close ally of Cuba's Fidel

Update 3:

Castro, has galvanized the nation's poor with promises of a revolution. But he has sparked outcries among middle class critics who call him an authoritarian.

The State Department describes him as a menace to regional democracy, though Venezuela remains the fourth-largest exporter of oil to the United States.

(Additional reporting by Saul Hudson)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think he should be poster-boy for promoting border security, energy conservation and independence, and freeing ourselves of petroleum at some point in the future...with friends like that, who needs enemies? LOL

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are not reporting everything only what you want. The United States wants control of the oil in Venzuela and that is why they are against him. The US is sending people into VZ to spread propganda to keep him from getting elected. I read they have spend millions. Reverse the circumstances would the US stand for it if he send people into the US to spread propaganda.

    The oil benefits a US elite group that want to get richer. Yes he is more of a dictator what else is new. Name some thing he has done wrong to the US,besides call the President the devil.

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  • Reba K
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    There are not as many Venezuelan illegals here as with other countries in that region. Chavez has rallied the poor to have hope. So many recent political shifts have happened. Chavez has taken land from the rich (who own most of the newspapers and media) and if the rich are not using the land, he turns it over to the poor. He has created work in various industries.

    Chavez focuses on the poor who were living in abject poverty before he took office. He has asserted that he is no different in background than they are. The Bush Administration knew that America would no longer be able to steal natural resources from that nation if Chavez won, so they supposedly arrange a coup, put their own person in office and sent Chavez into exile twice.

    The people forced their military to bring Chavez back and make him President again -- twice.

    The American government has been known to conduct covert operations against leaders who don't agree to turn over natural resources. Some have been blown up in planes.

    Chavez says the American government is plotting his death. In the meantime, he is offering oil to poor American communities for a deep discount.

    Still, the rich are angry and want Chavez out. They want their land back and they want to be able to make deals with the American government again.

    The poor are much more supportive and hopeful, so they tend to stay home and don't make the dangerous sojourn through Mexico to get to the US.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I highly doubt that Chavez has anything to do with any Venezuelan crossing our borders illegaly unless it's to get away from him. The only national leader that I know of that actually helped his citizens get into the U.S. was Fidel Castro. In the late 1970s he emptied his jails and insane assylums and sent all the nuts & criminals to the U.S. They called it the "Freedom Flotilla". Yep it was freedom for thousands of criminals who, for the most part, eventually ended up in our jails.

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  • 1 decade ago

    His supporters are entering the US.

    He only supports Castro now to oppose the US and have a chance of taking over Cuba when they finally admit that Castro is dead.

    Give money, play nice, and take over.............then I can point the missles at America.

    (nothing wrong with assasination!)

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  • 1 decade ago

    So, what is the nation you are fighting for. Or what is the reason of so many details?

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  • 1 decade ago

    he needs to feel the heat

    a tactical nuke would do the job that americans dont want to do

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