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Why did Bush insist on this bill in the Homeland Security Act?

Bush insisted on a bill in the Homeland Security Act that exonerated the Eli Lilly Corporation(longtime family friend) from thimerosal litigation. Thimerosal is a mercury-based product used to prevent bacteria in vaccines. It was suspected of causing autism, and massive lawsuits were pending. The pretext was the need to protect Lilly from litigation so they could protect us from smallpox.(anybody got smallpox yet?)

Don't embarrass yourselves by challenging these facts, it's all a matter of public record. Rather, talk to a family who has an autistic child after excessive thimerosal-laden vaccines administered before the age of six months. This is beyond politics, it is simply amoral. Can ONE Republican be intellectually honest enough to admit it?

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    Bush insisted on this bill to protect Eli Lily for one of his best buds Mitch Daniels, who is now the governor of Indiana. Daniels is a sell out. Mitch, decided to save Eli Lily millions by cutting pensions for those who earned those funds fair and square.

    Since taking office in 2004, Daniels passed the Major Moves agenda. He got his buddies in the State House to pass the time change. Now some of us are on Eastern Time, and some of us are on Central Time. Stupid. The whole state ought to be on one or the other not both. Stupid.

    The Stupidity didn't stop there, no, Mitchie boy, decided he wanted to sell the Toll Road to foriegners.

    Bush probably promised that he would help Eli Lily cut their losses, by phasing out their responsibility for their oversight, neglegence. The Bush administration has done the same thing for asbestos claims as well, and hard telling how many others that we haven't heard about.

    The only reason, and it's totally amoral, is that it's going to cost those companies a lot of money! It all boils down to the cost.

    Republicans generallu aren't honest at all, let alone enough to admit wrongdoing.

    Ditch Mitch!

    Ditch Bush and all his cronies!

    BTW. What does Homeland Security Act have to do with all these companies being protected from litigation, responsibility anyway?Seems big corporations have more protection, power than the citizens of the United States. This is all sick and twisted.

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    You asked this question a couple weeks ago. so I'll just cut & paste my previous answer.

    "While I abhore how these politicians do favors for their buddies like this, I do have to challenge the notion that vaccinations cause autism.

    "Thimerosal was removed from the vaccinations in 2001. The last lot of vaccinations with thimerosal expired in 2003. That means, if Thimerosal was the cause of the increase in autism rates the rates should have dropped by now. They have not. The rates are apparently still rising.

    "Asperger's, a high-functioning form of autism was always around but these kids were just labelled geeks, & such. (Some say Bill Gates has Asperger's) Now, Asperger's composes 80% of the kids on the autism spectrum. That alone accounts for a big hunk of the increase. There are other factors, too, which point to the likelihood that the actual rate of autism hasn't gone up - just the rate of diagnosis. Email me if you'd like more details."

    Of course, I know you won't email me for more details because you care more about politics than real facts.

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    I cannot argue the statement you have made other than to say that EVERY drug has potential side effects. My sympathies to any parent of a child born with or later acquiring a defect but it must be pointed out that vaccines have done vastly more good to our society than bad. There also may be the argument that all cases of autism are not the result of any particular drug therapy and the decision may have been made to insure the social benefits of vaccination are not interrupted as opposed to simply a matter of "protecting a friend". I'm also sure the FDA is deeply involved in investigations to this claim and will make their decisions on the safety and effectiveness of Thimerosal. BTW FDA decisions are not subject to the President's whims.

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    even as I abhore how those politicians do favors for his or her pals like this, I do might want to project the concept vaccinations reason autism. Thimerosal became removed from the vaccinations in 2001. The very last lot of vaccinations with thimerosal expired in 2003. which ability, if Thimerosal became the reason of the upward thrust in autism costs the costs must have dropped by now. they have not. The costs are curiously nevertheless increasing. Asperger's, a severe-functioning form of autism became continually round yet those youngsters were purely labelled geeks, & such. (some say bill Gates has Asperger's) Now, Asperger's composes 80% of the children on the autism spectrum. That on my own money owed for a huge hunk of the upward thrust. There are different factors, too, which element to the probability that the surely price of autism hasn't lengthy gone up - purely the speed of diagnosis. digital mail me in case you need extra archives.

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    Why? Because he wants to take us closer and closer to a One World Order, that's why. Do you know about Chemtrails? Do you know the truth about flouride? The government is getting madder by the moment. No wonder people have compared him to Hitler. Oh, speaking of...did you know that Bush's grandfather financially backed Hitler?? Do research on the Caryle Group. See if you can find the Northwood papers.

    I will never take another flu telling what they are injecting people with!

    Great question Michelle!

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    Because Bush is heavily invested in them via the carsyle group which too is a fact

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    Because Bush is an idiot.. Seriosly, America was better off with a Abe Lincoln... How can a president use religion in part of these acts(laws)... I have to ask you, did u voted for him? Because if so... Look at the president doing for yoooooouuuu..

  • How do you know Bush insisted it? I don't see that anywhere in the public records

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    This is the kind of leadership you get each and every time you put Republicans in the White house.

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    Do you actually think we care about some snot nosed cripple kid.

    Wake up we the Bonesmen own you and the drugs we give you.

    Have some soma my dear.

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