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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

swing kidsssssssss?

can anyone briefly tell me what this movie is what sene happends after what scene?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is taken from Click link below for all the article:

    The film "Swing Kids" is about four friends Peter, Robert Sean Leonard, Thomas , Christian Bale, Arvid, Frank Whaley, and Emil, Noah Wyle, who went their separate ways, Arvid killed himself, by the time the movie ended. Peter who's father died when he was a little boy, from the treatment he received in a German labor camp, was studying to be an engineer but was forced to join the Hitler Youth, as was Thomas, after he was arrested for stealing a radio from a local Nazi official Herr Hinz(Douglas Roberts), who himself stole it from someone who was arrested by the German police, to avoid being sent to a labor camp like his father.

    Unlike a former Swing Kid Emil, Noah Wyle, the original "Hep Cat" as he was known among the trio Peter and Thomas didn't join the Hitler Youth on their own free will. Emil and a number of his fellow Hitler Youths later in the film beat up the crippled Arvid, just for laughs, when they run into him on a Hamburg street. This makes Thomas later get into the boxing ring with Emil to repay him for what he did to Arvid at the local Hitler Youth Gym only to get his head handed to him.

    I felt in was very unfair for Arvid to be so bitter towards both Peter and Thomas for joining the Hitler Youth, which they were both forced to do, unlike Emil who was a loyal Nazi. Not only did Thomas try to make Emil pay for what he did to Arvid by boxing him, unsuccessfully, but the only reason that Arvid wasn't in the Hitler Youth in the first place was because they wouldn't take or force him to join since he was an invalid and that may have really been the reason for Arvid's bitterness; being an outsider as well as not bing able to show the Nazis what he thinks of them by not having the opportunity to be able to reject the movement, instead of him being rejected by it.

    Later Arvid is fired from his job as a musician at the Cafe Speri because he refused to play a German/Nazi tune, hurt and depressed Arvid goes home and commits suicide. Arvid's death shook up both Peter and Thomas and they slowly began to drift away from their acceptance of the Nazi ideals, that they were being taught at the Hitler Youth school, and began to get back to what they as well as the tragic Arvid loved:Swing Music.

    At the end of the film "Swing Kids" Peter goes to the Cafe Bismarck to rebelliously dance the night away to Swing Music, which was declared illegal by then, only to get busted with everyone else in the dance hall by the German police & Gestapo and Thomas, who was in on the police raid, had Peter with dozens of other "Swing Kids" put on a truck to be sent away to a labor camp. Even though Thomas was involved in the arrest of his friend Peter you can see at the end of the movie that he was in tears and as a show of friendship to Peter he, as well as Peter's little brother Willi(David Tom), gave him the Swing Kids salute as he was being hauled away: "Swing Heil".

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