What new inventions and technology were used during WWII?

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    let me see, there were a lot of them. Radar (significant contributor to the reversal against the Germans, Battle of Britain), sonar (saved many lives and cost many as well), magnetometer (invented but not used widely), jet engines (Germans had the only operational jets such as Me 262, came to late for Germans), radio cryptography (First wide use of radio code cyphers, japanese codes were broken and we read thier mail constantly) , reverse osmosis, synthetic plastic explosives, nuclear power in the form of a weapon (used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki), norden bomb sight (closely guarded secret, optics and mechanisms), amphibious landing craft, fire control computers (Iowa class battle ships, various classes of submarines), integrated empennage aircraft lifting surfaces (Flying wing designed but not used in anger, created the stealth program because of it's small radar cross section). helicopters (not used in anger), many new surgical tools and technique, plastic compounds (water proofing), aluminum alloys (aircraft), variable pitch propellers (aircraft and ships), pilotless autonomous aircraft (B-17's St. Lazarre Sub Pen Attacks) is this enough or do you want more. World War II is a serious interest of mine, the people of that time were nothing short of amazing in thier patriotism, courage and their work ethic. We could use some of that now.

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    World War II did have the effect on spurring invention on a scale never before seen. Dollars were allocated to just about any technology which was viewed as a technological advantage or which it was perceived that the enemy was exploring. The United States, Great Britain and Germany were the great innovators at a this time.

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    radar, sonar, some kind of rockets.

    turbine engines

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