For all Who think Abortion Is murder?

There wasnt enough room to type them all her so i put them in a paint document. haha They are questions for anyone who thinks abortion is murder to read. And if you dont think it is it might give you a good laugh!

Heres the link:

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    Forget those people who say "abortion is a serious matter you can never laugh about it!!!". These people are uptight. They're probably the same ones who say "you can make dead baby jokes" and "omg I can't believe that black guy Chris Rock just said the N word!!"

    When I went in for my abortion and had to fill out some questionaire asking why I wanted it. I answered it with jokes about the procedure! Why? Because abortion is a choice I have rights too and it's really none of anyones business why I'm choosing what I choose and my personal feelings about it have little consequence in the eyes of the doctors and nurses. It was amusing too because I was getting it done at a hospital and I was doing the pre-abortion stuff in an OBGYN clinic that was full of fat fully pregnant women and nurses who got into the work because they love babies. These nurses were the ones reading my questionare. I really didn't care about what they thought I made my choice, so their shock was really amusing.

    I was tempted to ask if I could have the contents of my uterus back after the surgery because I wanted to sell it on an online auction like ebay. I didn't though because I was too drugged from the anethestic to say much beside "thank God this is over"

    People who are against abortion are people who ignore women. These people ignore the fact that pregnancy is traumatising both physically and emotionally and even worse when the pregnancy is unwanted (as opposed to unplanned). I was pregnant for about 15 weeks. It was not by choice! There was this psycho-prolife group that cause some problems with my appointment to get the abortion in hopes of stopping it. The abortion was a lot less traumatising than being pregnant for so long without wanting to be. I couldn't handle the pregnancy. My only escape was drugs and I'm not a person who does drugs outside of that situation. As soon as I had the abortion I stopped feeling severely depressed and suicidal, I stopped doing drugs and I started to feel like there was hope in my life again. I even managed an A- in my university course that semester.

    If I didn't have that abortion, I can't even imagine what kind of fetal alcohol syndrome, drug addicted nasty little thing that baby would have been. I certainly didn't want it. My husband (to be) certainly didn't want it and any child care worker or adoption hopefuly would have cringed at a genetic and drugged ****** little freak. If I didn't have the abortion, I'd probably be a drug addicted alcoholic suffering with severe depression on the verge of psychosis (depression was that bad) and imagine that person taking care of a kid! That's only if I wouldn't have killed myself.

    Those pro-life groups can go to hell. They hate and they hate, but hate doesn't make the world a better place for anyone whether it be newborns who will be taught to hate or the women who are hated.

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    Your questions dealing on the legality of abortion are of no consequece. Just because it is legal does not make it moral. SO you or anyone involved won't go to prison if they have an abortion. Was not a human life TERMINATED most people will claim that willfully ending a human life is murder. That is put in plain and simple terms. will smoking or the other things you mentioned kill an unborn child. Not necessarily. But if a mother or other person had a part in an act for the direct intent of actually killing an unborn child that did result in the death of an unborn child Weither legal or not what would you call that? Most would say that, was murder. Also the laws applies to legal abortions which only applies during the time htat the law states that the unborn child does not yet resemble(or function as a human yet such as breathing and functionaning organ and brain activity. That's why abortions are preformed before the first four months of labour. If an abortion is preformed after that time then yes likely there would be criminal charges that apply.

    Also food for thought in some states it is illegal to crop or dock the tails of animals. Why? because it causes the animal unnecassary torture and vet or individial caught involved with such an act will face charges. Why so hard hearted when it comes to human beings?

    If a pregnancy is terminated naturally. then it was not meant to be, baby couldn't survive in the womb it won't be able to survive in the real world. But if ended purposefully who says that baby wouldn't have made it. In fact i think it would have made it that was the whole purpose of taking the termination of that life into your own hands in the first place.

    If you are bound and determined to have an abortion you should consider your life down the road from now when you have matured more and your situation could be different and your feelings about the subject might have changed so that in the future you might find yourself actually REGRETING the actions that you took in the past. Mabey you will be one of those like many many others that now once grown up and matured will find it diffucult ot live with themselves and suffer depression.

    THere are public health groups you know who will take care of you for the entire time you are pregnant the wil direct or help you to find adoptive parents for your baby.

    YOu can disappear there for the while you are waiting for your baby to be born. Those who have perhaps forced you in to a decision won't know where you have gone ot unless you want them too. perhaps this would cause them to feel regret over it. Then when they do see you again not pregnant and no baby see how they react what do you think of that reaction you will learn alot about people from that.

    And who knows one day when you are old and gray you baby might find you and thank you or help you out in a way that you never expected. I talk that way because these questions are very general. open ended. Is it a person who had an abortion and is trying to justify themselves or a person contemplating abortion. one never really knows for sure over the internet.

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    Wow I think it makes a good point, but nothing to laugh about. What about women who abort after finding out something is wrong with the fetus I guess you are right that would be the same thing as murder if thats what you believe, but people dont see it that way and if they dont they dont believe abortion is murder 1000%. That just proves your point.

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    It really depends. If the person didn't want to get pregnant, like rape. Then they might consider abortion. Abortion can be murder but it totally depends on the situation.

    You might not have thought about this but abortion shouldn't be a joke. Think before you act nextime.

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    Here's a shock for you: Whether abortion is murder or not is not, in my opinion, the question. How, you ask, can that be?

    I believe that abortion is immoral and wrong and could be included within the prohibitions contained in statutes that define and provide for the punishment of murder, even in the ways mentioned in the amusing link that you included.

    However, there are some things that are immoral and wrong that cannot effectively be criminalized, or if criminalized cannot effectively be enforced and punished, without intrusion by the government into the most intimate and private affairs of its citizens in ways that the citizens at some point find intolerable.

    In cases where the citizens do find investigation, enforcement, and punishment intolerably intrusive on their most personal and private affairs, the citizens acting through their elected representatives are entitled under our Constitution to decriminalize previously criminalized immoral and wrong acts by amending or repealing the law if they so choose, or, if they act in time, to prevent its enactment in the first place.

    For this to happen, it isn't necessary that the governmental intrusions in question themselves be unconstitutional; it is necessary only that citizens in sufficient numbers to compel the amendment or repeal of the obnoxious law find its enforcement to be intolerably intrusive.

    Legislatures are never required to grant to law enforcement agencies all power that might constitutionally be granted to them. And law enforcement agencies are not authorized to exercise all powers that might constitutionally have been given to them if the people have chosen in specified situations to rein them in by law short of granting them all the powers that they might have been given under the constitution but that in particular situations were withheld from them or denied to them by law.

    As an illustration of this principle, state and Federal reactions to the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Kelo case, upholding the constitutionality of the use of eminent domain powers by units of local government to take property from its owners involuntarily for transfer to other private owners in order to enhance the tax base rather than taking it for governmental use as a highway or a courthouse, for example, are now proceeding in Congress and in various state legislatures and will undoubtedly result in powers that the U.S. Supreme Court is willing to allow public bodies to exercise under the constitution being taken away from those public bodies by law.

    This is the way our system is supposed to work.

    To recap:

    There are actually three questions embedded in your one question:

    1. Can abortion constitutionally be included in the statutory definition of murder?

    2. If it can be constitutionally included in the statutory definition of murder, must it be?

    3. Even if it can be constitutionally included in the statutory definition of murder, are the people willing to permit the intrusions into their privacy that would be needed in order to enforce a statutory definition of murder that included abortion; and, if the people would in fact find those intrusions to be intolerable, can the people, assuming the existence of sufficient political strength, refuse to permit the enactment of a statute that includes abortion as murder, or, if such a statute has been previously enacted, compel the amendment or repeal of the provision or provisions they find intolerable?

    My responses to those three questions would be "yes," "no," and "yes."

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    I do belive abortion is a murder. Once a man and women have sex the egg that contains the baby becomes fertilized. Plus, sciencetist have found that in the wound babies can sense what happens in the outside world. How can a baby be able to sense something if it isn't alive? If something is alive and you kkill it that murder.

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    ^_^ HooBuddy! I love you. Rock on. You were not trivialising it. You were making a very good POINT.

    Besides..If you can't laugh at yourself....

    Oh. and to the little lady below called "murder" is not situational. Except self abortion in the case of rape, with the assumption that abortion is murder, is not self defence UNLESS the embryo threatens the mother.

    And to the one below her, most abortions occur in the first eleven weeks of prego. So the bundle of cells at that point really dosen't respond to the outside world.

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    ive had two abortions after having one son.. sometimes you must do what yo must do...if people dont like abortions, DONT GET ONE... clearly they havent been in the situations some of us have...really, would they rather have a crack addicted prostitude bring a child to term then toss it in the dumpster or getan abortion?

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    Abortion shouldn't never been taken in a joking matter. It's something extremely serious whether you are for or against it.

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    Fetuses are not citizens, therefore cannot be subject to being punished or be apart of a crime.

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