Restauarant recommendations around the LA area... just name me a few of your personal favorites... thanks?

Go wild, doesn't matter which cuisine, if it is fancy, expensive, cheap, hole in the wall... but do give some descriptions about the place and other info so i can find the place... thanks!

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    My absolute most favorite fancy resturaunt is Yamashiro in Hollywood... the dining experience is amazing... food melts in your mouth, the view is amazing, and the ambiance is unrivaled with a koi pond in the middle of the resturant.

    For a unique experience I highly reccomend Nyala. Best Ethiopian food you can get. I really miss it since I've moved out of LA, since I have no clue where to get good ethiopian food anywhere else in the country. If you've never tried Ethiopian food, it's well worth it. Nyala is in Little Ethiopa on Fairfax Blvd.

    After living in Hollywood for several years I had my favorite places...

    I liked to go to Eddie's Starburgers for a burger... it looks like a tourist trap, smells like a tourist trap, but tastes like heaven... on the corner of Hollywood and Wilcox.

    I liked to go to Hustons Bar B Q... Cahuenga south of Hollywood Blvd. good food... filling and fairly inexpensive. Great for a BBQ pork sandwich. Friendly staff too. Once waited in line behind Sheryl Crow there.

    Sushi Wagon... great sushi... very afordable, cozy little joint... the fact that it looks like a hole in the wall makes folks nervous, but rest assured that it's quality. Fun to chat with Andy (the owner) too. Hollywood Blvd west of vine.

    Ponchik factory... Sunset Blvd west of Sunset

    Total hole in the wall, but there's no cutting corners on the food. Mostly sandwiches and such. Best item on the menu is the breakfast burrito.

    Hoagies and Wings... Venice Blvd... just west of La Brea

    Oooooh, I've had wings all over the country and this place is the best! Imagine two Le Cordon Bleu Culinary grads making hot wings... scrumptious! No trip to LA is complete without going to Hoagies and Wings

    Pinks Hot Dogs... La Brea... near Melrose

    It wasn't amazing, but it was a darn good dog. It's usually a 40 min. wait for your dog, but it's fun to do once a year... it's the hot dog stand that Celebrities often wait in line for.

    101 Coffee Shop... Franklin Ave in Hollywood east of Cahuenga

    It's noisy and trendy... too many hollywood wannabes, but the food is good and it's the coffee shop that was featured in the movie "Swingers"

    El Cholo... Western Ave.... between Pico and Olympic

    Most of the Mexican resturants in LA are total garbage... seems like any loser thinks he can wrap up low grade beef in a burrito and call it Mexican... El Cholo is one of two Mexican resturants in LA that are really top notch. Great experience all the way around.

    El Coyote... Beverly Blvd... west of Labrea

    The other good Mexican resturant . Best Margarita... the food is good, but not special. Great place for happy hour!

    The best Thai food is Thai Barbeque Hollywood... Hollywood Blvd a little way east of Western. It's a great family owned place that not too many people know about. The food is all prepared perfectly... the place is quiet and usually not too crowded. They don't use too much of those thai spices that makes your stomach churn.

    Tidal Wave is a great place for seafood. @ Sunset Blvd and Gower in Hollywood. The place mainly makes their money from the lunch crowd comming over from the CBS studios across the street. For dinner you can get an excellent meal and often be the only person in the place. The absolute best value for the dollar in Los Angeles.

    Sorry I went a little too wild and named more than a few. Enjoy!

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    Hamburger Hamlet is great- gourmet burgers and other great food. Several locations for that, my fave is on Hollywood Blvd.

    I also love Gyu-Kaku, located in Sherman Oaks, just off of Ventura. Delicious and fun, too; it's Japanese barbeque. Totally a la carte, so you get whatever kind of meal you want. It's a GREAT first date place, it gets you talking and gives you something to do together while you eat.

    A lot of my friends like Benihana, also a Japanese Hibachi chain with many locations. The show while you eat can be mediocre or fantastic depending on what chef you get. It's kind of a gamble every time.

    The best Salvedorian food you will ever have is La Carreta in Van Nuys. it's on Van Nuys and... Sherman Way, I think. Family owned and fantastic! The neighborhood looks a little iffy, but it's better than it looks, and the food is great.

    Wherever you go, though, just make sure there's an "A" rating on the wall!

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    Damiano's Pizza aka "Mr Pizza" (located in the Fairfax district)

    412 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 658-7611

    *Amazing Pizza, Salad. The marinated eggplant that they put in the salad is a knockout. It's open till 3-4am. Great for take out. Small, dark restaurant adds allure.

    Canter's Deli (right across the street from Damiano's)

    419 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 651-2030

    *Is it late, early, or in between and you're starved? You can not go wrong with the huge menu, good portions, comfort foods, and relaxed, classic atmosphere. Open 24 hours.

    Musso and Frank's (located in the heart of Hollywood)

    6667 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 467-7788

    *Old Hollywood Style (open since 1919). Great steaks, classy service and food. This is a great place to take a date.

    Frying Fish (located in Little Tokyo in Downtown)

    120 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 680-0567

    *A little restaurant with great sushi, perfect for taking friends for casual dining. Sit around the sushi island where plates of fish come around on a circular conveyor belt. Sushi chefs are in the middle. Affordable, fresh fish and delicious sushi concoctions.

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    Phillipes famous for their french dip sandwich, a hole in the wall, L.A. original, near Alvera Street. The Pantry. Beverly Hills Hotel. In Malibu, Gladstones.

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    El Cholo--great mexican, Cha cha cha--great caribbean food, also try India Sweets & Spices on Venice (or Govinda's on Venice), Chano's---Mexican hole in the wall on Fig, Ciao Trattoria in Downtown is yummy, too. Stinking Rose is worth trying once :) Fred 62 in Silverlake for late-night dining. Matsuhisa is good Japanese but pricey. And, any place in Little Ethiopia, top it off with Persian ice cream from Mashti Malone's :)

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    mexico city - in los feliz (on hillhurst) - great mexican food and margaritas

    Inn of the Seventh Ray - for a date especially - up in topanga - very organic and hippie, but upscale

    Cha Cha Cha - for a date or small party - fun and yummy

    Masa in Echo Park (on sunset ) - eclectic, delicious

    directly across the street from Masa - Hamburger Toms. American/Mexican food (like burgers or huevos rancheros.) dirt cheap and yummy. hole in the wall.

    Hugos - food and tea room. two locations (west hollywood and studio city off of riverside.) creative, healthy without being heavy or boring, great tea and coffee.

    Follow Your Heart - north in the valley (on canoga and sherman way I think?) - best vegetarian comfort food in LA. Non-vegetarians love it, great soups and also a grocery store (but the restaurant is sit-down and full service!)

    Zankou Chicken - lots of locations (glendale, hollywood, just opened one on sepulveda/santa monica, etc.) I love the baba ganough (they call it muttabal) and meat eaters go nuts for the chicken and garlic sauce.

    two guys from italy - random little italian place in glendale. awesome calzones and really friendly. very affordable.

    Astro Diner - open 24 hrs. in silverlake off the 5. good divey diner food and a great place to see production crew guys getting dinner at 2am.

    I think I went wild!

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    Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, Alamo in Agoura Hills, Pinks in West Hollywood, tito's tacos.

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    i will share a pair favorites of mine. first, a advantageous previous college place is the expressway grill in pasadena. this could be my all time prominent. the eating place has been in pasadena for years now and its purely good continental delicacies. the roast hen, steaks and seafood are all consistently good and the service is impeccable. its a advantageous, quite costly place that caters to the generally happening guy or woman in comparison to somewhat some the nice and comfortable, costly hollywood/l.a. eating places that cater to the shiek crowd. oh, in addition they have their own herb backyard at the back of the eating place. a extra value-effective, yet nonetheless advantageous determination may be manna in koreatown. its an all you could consume korean bbq place for $15. its your customary korean bbq place with some somewhat good beef. the cost is unbeatable and the ecosystem is advantageous. inspite of the undeniable fact that, do no longer assume good service because of the fact its exceedingly undesirable right here. yet with staying power, you're in shop for a good adventure. inexpensive eats should be damianos pizza on fairfax. their ny style pizza is unequalled in all of l. a.. and their italian salad isn't fancy inspite of the undeniable fact that it particular tastes good. in case you like eggplant, i dont think of you could flow incorrect with this salad. in the temper for pasta? attempt the speghetti bolonese right here. lower back, its no longer the form of pasta you will possibly locate at spago yet its hearty and so good. in basic terms some strategies with reference to the places ive been to in the previous few weeks. i like to consume so i could desire to flow on perpetually. happy eating.

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    **Yamashiro's for the beautiful views of LA (Hollywood)

    **The Original Fish Company for their chowder (Los Alamitos)

    **Chuck's Coffee Shop in Long Beach for their over-the-top friendly service...and food!

    **Home (Los Feliz) for their dog-friendly outdoor eating

    **King's Hawaiian (Torrance) for their tropical cakes- the best!

    **Tropical Cafe for the best coffee on the planet...their food (cuban style sandwiches and orange bread, in particular) is really good, too.

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    Cha Cha Cha's. Cuban food. Fabulous.

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