Does anyone know about a hindu prophecy of the return of Vishnu in a couple of years?

Or maybe I did not hear correctly. But I am led to believe that there is a prophecy of him coming back to earth soon to restore balance.

No, I am not a hindu. I just love learning other religions.


To the first answer: Don't worry, I know.

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    Well, I don't see any specific date for the return:

    "All the Hindu scriptures are agreed that when conditions have reached this point, when things have deteriorated and mankind has sunk to the lowest depths of moral degradation, then the Lord will again manifest Himself as the Kalki Avatar... when Vedic religion and the dharma of the law books have nearly ceased and the Kalki Yuga is almost exhausted, then a part of the creator of the entire universe, the blessed Lord Vasudeva [Vishnu], will become incarnate here in the universe in the form of Kalki."

    "The followers of Krishna, for instance, expected His return under the name of "Vishnu Yasha", which in Sanskrit means "Glory of God". The last chapter of the Shrimad Bhagwad of the Hindu Scripture states:

    "Vishnu Yasha will possess great energy, intelligence and prowess .... He will restore order and peace in this world .... Man in general will begin to honor and practice truth." ('The Second coming of Shri Krishna', Prof. Pritam Singh, P. 10)"

    "Avatar of the Golden Age

    Kalki according to tradition is the tenth avatar or incarnation of Vishnu (Buddha was the ninth avatar of Vishnu).

    The symbolic form of Kalki is on a white horse wielding a sword. The Name Kalki literally means "The Annihilator of Ignorance."

    His Divine Mission is to close Kaliyuga, the Iron Age (one of 4 Yugas or time zones that mark the spiritual progression of mankind not the technical iron age), and usher in the Golden Age, a new period of peace prosperity and harmony.

    The current age Kaliyuga also called the age of darkness and ignorance. It is the most degenerate and fallen of the ages, characterized by a hardening of the spiritual core of mankind, an almost total lack of sacredness, and extreme materialism, as humans can no longer determine what is essential for living in this fallen age and what is irrelevant. The Antaryamin, or Indweller has been put to rest in the heart of mankind. Those of you with a New Age background may think of this Antaryamin as the Higher Self.

    An avatar is a being that comes to change the "truth". Edison was an avatar of science. The Beatles were avatars of music. A Celestial Avatar has a definate Divine purpose. One can see how the Christ changed the "truth" just in the first 2 words of the Lord's Prayer: "Our Father".

    In the Golden Age, in a gesture of Supreme Friendship, this Antaryamin, through an externally stimulated action awakens the heart. Many have already been having such Profound Divine Mystical Experience. This experience, this personal encounter with Divinity in one form or another (Moses and the Thorn Bush is a well known example of such experience) is the one common denominator in the lives of all Saints, Sages, Mystics, and Prophets.

    It is so important to the evolution of the consciousness of mankind, for it is belief (ignorance and speculation) that separates, while discovery unites. Just see for a moment the sufferings of the saints and discoverers throughout time. How the nature of belief (ignorance) is to destroy anything that will shed a light on it for what it truly is.

    Kalki's Divine Mission is to close Kaliyuga, the current age of darkness and ignorance and usher in the Golden Age, a new ten thousand year cycle of peace, prosperity and harmony. He is to liberate all of mankind from suffering and to bring enlightenment to all of mankind.

    This picture will be very meaningful to those of you in touch with the dawn of the Golden Age which is a shift in consciousness as well as an astrological occurrence. The advent of the Kalki Avatar is a necessary component in this phenomena."

    Kalī Yuga (Devanāgarī: कली युग) (lit. Age of Kali, also known as The Age of Darkness), is one of the four stages of development that the world goes through as part of the cycle of Yugas, as described in Hindu scriptures, the others being Dwapara Yuga, Treta Yuga, and Satya Yuga. According to the Surya Siddhanta, an astronomical treatise that forms the basis of all Hindu and Buddhist calendars, Kali Yuga began at midnight (00:00) on 18 February 3102 BCE in the proleptic Julian calendar or 23 January 3102 BCE in the proleptic Gregorian calendar, which is also considered by many Hindus to be the time that Krishna left his body.

    Most interpretations of Hindu scriptures believe that earth is currently in Kali Yuga, though others believe that earth is now at the beginning of Dwapara Yuga. Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates spiritually throughout the Kali Yuga: it is mostly referred to as the Dark Age, mainly because people are the furthest possible from God. The description of Kali Yuga given below is an indication of its interpretive relevance in our current worldly existence.

    Hindus generally consider morality to be comparable to a bull. In Satya Yuga, the first stage of development, the bull had four legs, and in each age morality is reduced by a quarter. By the age of Kali, morality will be reduced to only a quarter of that of the golden age. Thus, the bull will only have one leg: morality will wait on men. [1]

    Kali Yuga is associated with the apocalypse demon Kali, not be confused with the goddess Kali, as these are unrelated words in the Sanskrit language. The "Kali" of Kali Yuga means "strife, discord, quarrel, or contention," whereas the goddess "Kaali" means "time".

    I guess you could judge for yourself if we're in Kali Yuga:

    To do so, please click on the last link.

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    The prophesy says that when the world is filled with greed, the last devoted worshiper dies and corruption runs rampant Vishnu will come to earth in the form of Kalki, the great destroyer, and flood the world to cleanse it and begin the world anew.

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    All prophecy's come from God. We all know that someday, God will come and Judge us all. BUT, we don't know when ! Only God knows that answer and we must be ready. Earth people can't judge the time, hour or year. In the Holy Bible it says: We never know what hour He cometh !!

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