The James Bond GrigioPerla male swim trunks?

does anyone know where I can get a pair of these swim trunks on line? I am seeking the exact designer of these male swim trunks. thanks. Dallaspete

Here are the shorts I speak of...

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    apparently, only 1 store in London carries the item:

    Women were snapping up the £55 a pair tight blue Grigio Perla trunks as worn by Daniel Craig in his first appearance as 007 in new Bond blockbuster Casino Royale which opens at cinemas nationwide tomorrow.

    Staff at Selfridges in central London - the only UK store stocking the must-have swimwear - said they were close to selling out.

    The store, which has been stocking the shorts for a few weeks, had just two pairs left at noon today and warned further stock would not arrive until later next week.

    In the US:

    Hard to find, but Bond-collector David Zaritsky reports that the following US stores have them for $87:

    La Perla

    433 North Rodeo Drive

    Beverly Hills, CA 90210

    (310) 860-0561

    La Perla

    The Village of Merrick Park

    342 San Lorenzo Avenue, Suite 1020, Coral Gables, FL

    33146 (305) 448-8805

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    Hahahahaha y?? They were rotten!!! adult men seem extra useful in shorts!!! they ought to have a examine in declaring ''Please do no longer placed on those as u r sure to appear as if the hulk'' hahaha each and every thing seems bulging. am i ranting?? sorry hahaha hyper mood.

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    Grigio Perla Swimwear

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    that's an interesting question

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    Yeah I agree with what's been said so far

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