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If God cares about our salvation wouldn't he use a better sign then a 2000 year old book written by men?

Why not provide us with a SOME evidence (aside form the old the universe is proof, Jesus is Proof hollow argument)?

If god cares, he must see the controversy that surrounds the Catholic Church, the lies and hypocricy within it. Why would he still expect us to believe that church, instead of giving us a fresh and clear sign (not an apple on a tree, or a grill cheese mary)

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    of course

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    Well, first you have to think that church, catholic church specifically, is a mixture of paganity and reality, because when the priests wanted to spread the word, they thought it would be better received by 'common' people if they mixed it with their pagan rituals. Thus, catholics worship statues, make the cross sign after praying, offer 'sacrifices' (things like, not going out for a while or wearing a specific color 'if' God grants them a specific petition), which is silly and pointless by the way, because Jesus did the maximum sacrifice, we don't need to make any sacrifices! isn't it wonderful???

    So, Just remember that all that has been made by the man (human beings) can be and probably is, wrong and dark, like I too think catholic church is; We should follow God, Jesus, not the man. We humans are not perfect and we will always fail. God NEVER does.

    And remember that faith is beliving in what you don't I don't need any further proof than my life, everyday, every moment God shows me he loves me and he exists. And all that is written in the Bible is applicable to our time. Every time I read it, I find a new promise, a new truth. Open your heart to God and you will see.

    And don't forget: God loves you!!

    Source(s): My personal experience with God
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    I will assure you that GOD is not to involved in the catholic church. Actually if you will study the catholic church you will find they are actually anti-christ in there teachings and are not the church of Jesus Christ. They are a vain look alike. Jesus Christ is the one path to GOD and that mean that he alone calls you into kingdom of God. The plan simple fact is that the comeing messah was fortold be the prophets of God for 4000 years before he came. 62 scripture were completed when Jesus came and suffered punishment for our sins. Jesus is the one who had agreed to do this act of pentance on the part of mankind from the begaining. People are always wanting a sign. The jews were always wanting a sign. No sign shall be given. God told you in the torah what he was going to do, In the new testiment you have recorded what he did. Thus you have been given a map or instruction book. It is now up to you to get into the bible and grow.

    When you stand before GOD he is not going to say i know it is a hard story to swallow. He is going to say were is your garment and if you do not have a slavation garment he is going to case you out into utter darkness for all time and you shall suffer hell and dawnation for all times. If God did not spare Jesus the torment of the cross. Why would you think he will spare you for the rejection of the Cross and the free offer of salvation that his son Paid for.

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    how about this one: in spite of the indisputable fact that if snakes had the intellegence to understand human language or perhaps tried to speak, they don't have the actual vocal skill. it really is technology. oh, genesis is in simple terms an allegory for you, eh? how bout this one? when you're woman, you've 2 X chromosomes, and when you're male, you've one X and one Y this can be a fact. if no human male provided a Y chromosome and jesus became concieved with the help of the holy spirit, then bodily, he ought to absolutely be a lady because NOWHERE mary's DNA is the danger for a Y chromosome. now to not indicate the female egg absolutely promises 23 of the 40 six neccessary aspects to make a human. if jesus became concieved without yet another human, she ought to were born a blobular mess that likely did not have the gene signal to inform her body at the same time as to initiate arising epidermis now to not indicate all the different needed training for progression which could be lacking with the absense of a human father. take a genetics route and wise up. the bible is one hundred ten% incorrect. not in simple terms sorta incorrect. that's lifeless-confronted incorrect.

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    " An adulterous and wicked generation seeks after a sign.But no sign will be given to him accept the sign of Jonah. As Jonah was 3 days in the belly of a whale.So shall the Son of Man be 3 days on the core of the earth" And that "BOOK" you were talking about was inspired by God Himself. And the catholic nothing but all about works. God said,"Not by works,lest anyone should boast". It is a gift. You dont work for it. You accept it. And ask God to help you. He is there. He is real. Because I know that I know I know know know. =0 Hope this answers your question there bud.

  • it is all about faith. God talks a lot of about faith in the bible.

    Matthew16:16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not

    believe will be condemned.

    Luke 7:50 Jesus said to the woman, "Your faith has saved you; go in peace."

    When you say that we need more evidence for proof of the universe we have the bible.. i know you say that it is 2000 years old, BUT this 2000 year old book was written by 40 author in a period of about 1,500 years, yet it has no contradictions of any kind. There is no book in recorded history that is so fully supported by other recorded history. There are 300 prophecies that we literally fulfilled in exact detail after hundred of years after the prophecies were made. The bible said that Jesus would be sent to a virgin and would die for us then raise on the third day... and he did. It is recorded at least three different times but different author.

    God knows the controversy in the catholic church,and this isn't the first time something like this has happend in history. The devil is trying to destract the believers to question God and his power. He sends us each personally clear signs of his presence each and everyday. It is just visible for those who chose to look for him. People always try and explain things on their own terms when really God is the one who is in control for everthing.

    Having faith is what saves us. God has clearly given us plenty of evidence of his existance, just not everyone chooses to believe it. And it is a desicion that everyone will have to make. One day we will all have to stand in front of God and give an account of our life. He will either welcome us to live eternal life with him or condem us to eternal hell. It is all from the choose to accept him and the evidence he has given us. I can't say that is a choose i would want to live without. If you are questioning if all this is really true and still aren't convested of evidence ask yourself what if you are wrong. what if the bible is completely true and you choose not to believe it. then what?

    If you would like to talk more contact me. I would love to talk more.

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    Anyone who won't believe the Church or the Bible wouldn't believe anything ... not even someone who came back from the dead ... somebody like Jesus Christ himself.

    And don't confuse the corrupt men who are part of the church with the holiness that is Christ.

    Christ's church will always remain holy because it is God's will, and no man can stand in his way.

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    I'm not sure sending your only begotten Son to live among man,teach,be persecuted beat to a bloody pulp,crowned with thorns,forced to carry His own instrument of death,then stretched across it and nailed to it all for the love of an ungrateful mankind that would continue to doubt your love even after you've shed your last drop of blood for them,can be classified as a hollow argument! I do agree with the grill cheese bit and believe it to be a clear sign that Kraft is yummy.I believe you KNOW God loves us and you are one of His spoiled brats who likes to push the envelope! Behave why dont you and say your prayers!

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    1) The Bible is more than 2000 yrs old.

    2) Jesus does not answer to you.

    3) If you are so apposed to God why then do you spend so much of your time asking questions?

    4) God never said to believe in the Catholic church or any other church for that matter!

    5) If you really want a sign.......ask Him for one yourself!

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    there is a better book.. its called "THe Quran"... Whether you believe in Islam or not... We as muslims do believe in Jesus message .. We are taught that God sent messengers to all people all over the world.. Some had books and some didnt.. We do believe that Jesus, Moses and David had books.. Just that since no one wrote down the message to preserve it in its pristine form, it somehow got mis interpreted and changed.. The Quran was written down during Mohammed walk on earth so he could proof read it and make sure it was unchanged from what was revealed to him.. We believe that is the same message that Jesus, David and Moses brought.. After all, its all from the same God... ...

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    The fact that the Bible has been around for 2000 years should be a testament in itself. How many other books do you know of that are still on the #1 best seller list after 2000 years?

    Many of the prophecies in the Bible have already come to pass and many are happening today - earthquakes in divers places (tsunamis), wars and rumors or wars, men will be lovers of self rather than lovers of God, etc.

    The Bible was written by God Himself. He used the men as a tool to write. They no more wrote the Bible than I did.

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