How would I find the location where the NBC Office is filmed?

My husband and I love The Office, and we are going to visit Scranton, PA to pay tribute to the show. We live in Philly, so it isn't that far. How would we find the location of the building? Is there any chance they would be filming there this winter? I think they film in Scranton and in LA. Please give me as much information as possible. Thanks!

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    This is what I found : Dunder-Mifflin may allude to the relationship between the Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company's tower, shown during the opening theme, and its location in downtown Scranton near the northeast end of Mifflin Avenue.

    Other references to the geography and culture of greater Scranton include Lackawanna County, Lackawanna Coal Mining Tour, Poor Richard's Pub, Farley's, Connell Park, Carbondale, Dickson City, Lake Wallenpaupack, The Mall at Steamtown, radio station Rock 107, the Montage Mountain Performing Arts Center, Bishop O'Hara High School, and the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins hockey team.

    The first season was filmed in an actual office space. For the second season, a sound stage was built to replicate the first season's environment. The show is now filmed inside Chandler Studios in Van Nuys, in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.[36]

    Hope that helps you. =)

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    If you can find this place, you'll be close. Check with the visitor's bureau in Scranton.

    "The exterior shot of the building the office is "in" in Scranton, Pennsylvania is across the street from a bar which is coincidentally named "The Office". Greg Daniels has said that he hopes this is a sign of good karma for the show. The Office (the bar) was actually condemned by the city a few years back."

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    i have no idea but i love that show

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