how do you unlock the nfc and afc all star teams on madden nfl 07?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    sorry man if you dont have a gameshark all you can do is do a lot of madden challenges. i have both and their awesome against each other. i got them with the infinite token code only on the gameshark

  • 3 years ago

    one million. Ravens- week to week they're the superb group in soccer, very consistant all season different than the buffalo interest 2. Jets- 2 weeks in the past i had them variety one, after the final 2 video games variety 3 grew to become into tempting... 3. Steelers- i think of their superb soccer has already been performed and their final 2 video games have been dreadful 4. Patriots- the browns interest aside this group in basic terms nicely-knownshows the right thank you to win 5. Titans- very under-rated good now, Moss will open issues up for Johnson who i assume to start shredding defenses back NFC one million. Falcons- they have struggled at circumstances and lucked out in some video games however the offense is feirce and the protection is to not shabby. 2. Packers- the save enjoying nicely in spite of the slew of injuries which makes you ask your self what could have been this season 3. Saints- they're on the cusp of a run using fact of a vulnerable 2d 0.5 time table 4. Giants- they dont have a unmarried high quality win and characteristic been blown out two times via AFC south communities 5. Eagles- with Mike Vick under midsection they may be the NFCs superb, with Kevin Kolb? not plenty i agree that identifying on 5 from the NFC isn't easy using fact all of them are extraordinarily vulnerable, they have regarded extra useful the previous few weeks yet its in basic terms using fact there havent been any intense profile inter-convention video games recently

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