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    I’ve got your card, Thank you! Your writing is so neat and pretty.

    I am so happy to know that you like the gift I sent to you. You really don’t need to give me anything because nothing is more important than you. All I want is that you take care of yourself and write to me at your free time. When I got your letters, I was always excited for several days. I really enjoy reading your letters. As long as I read your letters, no matter what difficulties or frustration I encountered, I will hang in there bravely.

    This world does not need me to exist. However, without you, my world doesn’t exist.

    Japan has always been a strong country. Yet, Japan has colonized Taiwan for fifty years and therefore left some culture that is worthwhile for us to learn. (p.s. If Japan were still ruling Taiwan, maybe the situation would be better because the political situation here in Taiwan is really a mess…….) Nevertheless, I still prefer coming back to Taiwan, because here, I have my family and friends who have always been there for me.

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    I received your card, thank you!Your word is very beautiful:)

    When I heard you like my gift, I'm so happy^^

    Really, you don't need to send me any thing, having no thing to compare you to return importance:)

    I only hope you can care on yourself, free can write a letter to me!I would be happy several days very:)

    I also like to receive your letter very much, being me to meet any frustrate, as long as see your letter, I would be brave to support down!

    This world can have no me, but my world can't be without you:)

    Japan has been being all big country!And Japan have ever ruled Taiwan for 50 years, so also left some cultures, they had a lot of worthy of we learned!(os :If now still Japan rules Taiwan!Perhaps and more good:pThere is really disorderly now because of Taiwanese politics...)but I still compare to like better to return to Taiwan:)Because here has been accompanying me, my family and friends!



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