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歐尼爾 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


故事名子是"忠實的約翰" 沒聽過個請看大紀元文化網


請幫我翻譯這部童話的"大綱" 我只要"大綱" 不要全篇都翻譯

另外請別用翻譯機 感激不盡

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    An old king who, on his deathbed, requested his servant, John, to raise his son. One thing John must not do is show his son the picture of the Princess of the Golden Kingdom, for if he sees it, he will fall violently in love with her and jeopardize his life for her. John agrees to do so, even if it means he must die. The son becomes King and convinces John to let him in the room containing the picture. The King faints upon seeing the picture of the princess. The King sets out to claim the princess as his bride, commanding John to assist. Knowing gold to be the princess’ weakness, they mold all the gold into beautiful objects, and arrive by ship disguised as merchants at the Princess’ kingdom. She is lured on board to see the gold, and unknowingly taken away. When the Princess hears the truth, she is overcome with love and willingly consents to be the King’s wife. During the voyage, John overhears three ravens speaking about the King not really having the Princess yet. They said that a horse would appear to take the King away forever. Only if someone killed it would the King be spared. When the King arrived at the castle he would see a wedding suit, which when put on, would burn him to the bone. Only if someone threw it in the fire would the King be saved. And once wed, the Queen would fall down as if dead, and only if someone were to draw three drops of blood from her right breast would she come to life. If he told about them, he would turn to stone from head to foot. John kills the horse, burns the wedding suit, and draws the blood. The King accepts the first two, but can not accept the last. When John explains why he did each deed, he is immediately turned to stone. Many regretful years go by and the Queen has twin boys. One day the statue of John tells the King he can be brought back to life by the blood of his two children. The King wants to do it. John comes to life before the King really kills his children. The Queen also passes the test. Then they live together happily ever after.

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    7 years ago
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