What is the difference between using ASP.NET,VB.NET/C#.Net for designing web pages and using PHP, MYSQL, etc..

What is the difference between using

ASP.NET, C#/VB.NET, SQL Server for web designing and using PHP, MYSQL, CCS, JavaScript, XHTML for web designing?

Which do you think will be preferred for a longer period? Which do you think will be outdated sooner than the other?

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    This is a complicated question, and I am sure you will get heated responses from passionate users on both sides. To directly answer your question, the difference betwen ASP.Net, C#, VB, SQL are that it is used on servers running Windows. All the aforementioned products are part of the Microsoft suite. They are all high quality, but the licensing costs add up quickly.

    PHP & MySQL are platform independent products. They are also open source so you can develop them without worrying about the associated licensing cost. Although, .Net definitely has a dedicated following, PHP/MySQL is still extremely popular espcially among smaller copmanies, and individual developers.

    Finally, CSS, JavaScript, Xhtml are web design tools which you will use regardless of whether you choose PHP or .Net. The last three are all standards created by the w3c organization. At this time, there are no vendor specific replacements for these technolgoies, and almost every web designer knows them.

    As far as preferred, it depends on the job you are seeking. I don't think either will be outdated very soon. .Net is newer and Microsoft is pushing insane sums of money to ensure its adoption, but PHP has been around for many years. There are so many applications using PHP that it is unlikely the language will be outdated, especially since it fills a crucial niche.

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    The correct answer is "all of the above". :)

    Microsoft is not going anywhere soon, and neither is the open-source movement. Functionally, anything you can do with ASP.Net/SQL Server (or with JSP/Oracle, for that matter) can be done with PHP/MySQL and vice versa. Performance-wise, there may be differences, but they are by and large determined by things over which developers have no control (hardware configuration, database server settings, etc.)

    So in the end, the choice is purely aesthetical. If you like object-oriented programming, understand Windows API well, and don't mind spawning three objects every time you need to read a remote Web page, .Net is for you. If you are more of a Unix person thinking in terms of strings and sockets, PHP is a better fit.

    Which will be preferred for a longer period? Neither, since there is no clear preference now, nor is one likely to form in the future. Cost-sensitive projects will always gravitate toward open-source, while those with money to burn will always want the latest (expensive) toys from Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle...

    Speaking of IBM and Oracle, both are officially in love with PHP and see it as an attractive alternative to Java:




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    I have been using php/mysql for 4 years now and I love it, I can have a server installed and running with php and mysql in 10 minutes, try that with asp.

    When you visit sites look at the extensions they use, the majority of sites I go to are php.

    php will be around for a long time.

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    very simple...

    ASP.NET, C#/VB.NET, SQL Server put you in league with the devil (microsoft)

    PHP, MYSQL, CCS, JavaScript, XHTML are standards that will not send your soul to hell.

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