Is Vodka Double Wine a real drink?

Is Vodka Double Wine a real drink? I know what you're probably thinking...this is all because of Christina Aguilera. You're right, it is. I have listened to the song "Candyman" too many times. So much that I need to know if the bottle mentioned in the song is a real drink. I have asked this one before, but I didn't recive but one answer, which wasn't much of an anwer anyway. Christina does have a song called "Candyman". This is from her latest album "Back to Basics". If you look in the cover book it says, and I quote,"Contains a sample from "Tarzan and Jane Swinging'On A Vine" from Run to Candance With The U.S. Marines Vol. II. used courtesy of Documentary Recordings." In the song, if you read the lyrics, it says, "Tarzan and Jane were swinging' on a vine, Sippin from a bottle of vodka double wine."

Is it a real drink?

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    Vodka Double Wine is not a real drink.

    Vodka Double Beer IS a real drink.

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    Vodka Double Wine is not a drink, it is part of the rating system for vodka.

    Russian vodka was made from rye, wheat and barley. Vodka was generally referred to as wine and divided into types: normal vodka was called simple wine, the best of this type being called vino dobroye (good wine); still higher was vino boyarskoye (boyar's wine); finally, higher still was vino dvoynoe (double wine), which was extremely strong. Aside from these vodkas, there were vodkas

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    do no longer i be responsive to what you mean. I used to have a pair of glasses of wine on an analogous time as I cooked dinner. Now it quite is Mike's complicated Lemonade. quickly that's going to be Vodka too. i will provide you a 2 Martinis to objective. One difficulty-free, one for yet another day. Melontini: a million ounce Watermelon Schnapps a million ounce Vodka Flirtini: 3/4 ounce Vodka 2 oz. Champagne a million ounce Pineapple Juice the two are very solid. you may keep the Flirtini for brand spanking new Years Eve. Cheers!

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    Im from Australia - nothing like that here... sounds interesting tho!

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    so glad that I found this question already answered! It is like you've read my mind!

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    No it is not

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    Yes, it is real.

    Please read this :

    Sorry for reviving this answer !!

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