stolen do I go about getting new id and stuff?

I realize that this is yahoo, but I am on the phone trying to figure this out, and no one seems to know how to answer a phone anymore. My Fiances wallet was recently stolen, and it had his license and social security card. I am having the worse time trying to figure out how to get them replaced. Obvioulsy he will have to do it, but I am trying to figure it out so he can just do it. Everything I read says you have to have your social security card to get a new license, and you have to have a license or ID with a picture to get a new social security card...What is a person to do?! someone help please!

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    Your fiance is not the only one who has lost their wallet or had it stolen. Call the Office of Motor Vehicle and call the Social Security Administration---you may have to bring in more documentation that you realize. If you have a copy of your social security number or your driver's license, that will help. Bring in an old pay stub with the social security number. Check with his work (Human Resources office or Personnel). They usually make copies of licenses and social security cards for new hires. Hope this helps.----don't forget to contact the credit card companies too!!!!

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    if you had any credit cards in there cancel them immediately

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