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Are the Pittsburgh Steelers still alive for a playoff spot, or are they dead?

Can Ben still be the same quarterback?

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    they are mathematically still alive. they will need to win all remaining games, and hope that other teams drop back in the standings..

    chances are, this won't happen. KC, DEN, and/or JAX are too good to lose their lead for the final wild card spots.

    Nothing wrong with Ben.. he could get away with less last year because he had a running game to do the bulk of the offensive workload..

    without Bettis, the Steelers don't have a run threat, therefore, more pressure on Ben and more expectations.

    Pittsburgh will need to get themselves a decent running back in the off season if they want to contend next year.

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    yes the pittsburgh steelers still are alive in the hunt for a playoff spot and yes ben roethlisberger can still be the same qb he's just having a down year but hey that's to be expected when you lose your number two receiver in antwan randle el and then you lose jerome bettis as your short yardage runner it put's more pressure on the offense as a whole which leads to ben roethlisberger making alot of mistakes

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    they are still alive in the playoff picture.

    holding on by the skin of ther ba((s.

    Big Ben can still be the same QB but the O line has to get alot better than what they are playing right now.

    Go STEELERS Go!!!!!!!!

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    yes with 4 out of the 6 remaining games being division games I still think they would have to win out

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    hopefully not. i cant stand the steelers.

    kinda weird since im from pa

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