Can someone tell me about configuring tally?

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    Your question is little bit vague. Tally has configurations options for almost every thing. You have to configure tally according to your requirement.

    There are two things in tally, One is F11: The features, and another is F12 the configuration.

    The features are the uniques of tally foe each company you want e.g. you can use the invoicing feature of Tally. So putting it to yes would enable you to print invoice in tally or enable you to enter vouchers in invoice mode, for which you can take print outs. Same way activating feature of integrating inventory with accounts would enable you to integrate your inventory in your accounts while putting it to no would not mix inventory value with accounts.

    In the same way you can do the configuration for vouchers, printing, accounts/inventory info related general configurations etc.Pressing F12 at any data entry screen would show you the configuration screen of the data entry. e.g. if you press F12 at voucher entry screen then configuration related to entering vouchers would be shown.

    If you want to configure tally according to you, then what i can understand by your questions is that you want to know what options should i put to yes while entering the data.

    This all depends on what features you want, and what configuration options you want to use in maintaining the accounts in tally. For example if you want to enter data faster then you can use configuration of single entry mode to yes. If you want to put address contact person details of your debtor and creditors then you can select advance entries in masters option to yes. If you want to print check then put this feature to yes. So same way you can proceed

    For more articles related to tally you can read articles posted at tally blog at

    e.g. getting started can give you some tips to follow for starting entries in accounting

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