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How can I sterilise feathers?

I want to fletch my traditional longbow arrows and I have the chance of getting lots of turkey wing feathers (surprise surprise at this time of year) I know I can sterilise them in an oven but how long? how hot? Any other ways?

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    You really do not need to sterilize them. You do need to strip them off the quill and cut them to shape and size. Here's a link to tell you how to do it. I hope this helps.

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    i might attempt microwaving a million of the uglier feathers as a "attempt" for 10 seconds, and notice if that damages it. i be responsive to kitchen sponges and rags could be microwaved for short quantities of time to sterilize them, so i does no longer see why you're able to no longer do an analogous to a feather. And believe me, whether it quite is in basic terms a pair seconds, a microwave will kill something that replaced into as quickly as dwelling.

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    There should be nothing wrong with them. Assuming they've been off the bird for awhile. And even if the bird had lice or something, they're usually specific to the bird and wouldn't transfer to you. So they should be no dirtier than everything else in the woods. I suppose you could wash them off with a little water if it concerns you.

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