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Tak Shing asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

693天與時並進:CHURCH LOSES 標題怎譯?及文中問字解?

The Catholic Church has lost a landmark (landmark 怎解?) case 訴訟 against the government, which challenged 挑戰 the way schools are managed (school are managed 會不會省略了 by that (the way)) in Hong Kong. The Church had threatened to stop running its schools if it lost (lost 為何不用 loses?) the legal battle (legal battle 怎解?), but the government said today it hopes that will not happen.

ATV Main News

You may revise it if you like. Thanks.

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  • ma
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    1 decade ago
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    Church loses -- 教會(這裡指天主教)輪了(官司)

    landmark case -- 破天荒的訟訴,為以後同類型訟訴的先例

    the way schools are managed -- 沒錯,可以多加個 that 字(the way that schools are managed)

    ... schools are managed in a way

    ... the Government challenged that way

    ... combining the two: the Government challenged the way that schools are managed

    the Church __had threatened__ ... if it __lost__ 因為時態要有呼應

    legal battle -- 訴訟(法律上的仗)

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