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Why do we thank God for stuff? Isn't it obvious he doesn't do it?

He doesn't even prevent victimization.

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    God only put us here to be toys of amusement for him. He enjoys watching people suffer. Just think about it for a minute...supposedly he is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-...whatever. Yet he allows this world to be infested with disease, famine, war, death, and horrors beyond imagination. Now, how can you call a god who does all these things loving and expect him to do anything for you. People who always turn to god to help them in their struggles are just trying to find someone else to fix their mistakes. They can't handle the fact that their god probably doesn't like them. God allows all these atrocities on earth to occur and doesn't lift a finger. The question you should really be asking is "Why do I worship a god that does not care?" God did not give us free will. And as far as free will in the respect to god goes, if it had not been for Satan, we would all be wandering around in complete servitude without even realizing we were slaves. By tempting Eve to eat that apple, if you believe the story, he gave us the ability to realize our slavery. Furthermore, anyone who says that we have free will given by god should examine their religion further. How can it be free will when he says that to disobey him will result in a tormenting eternity of fire and brimstone? Are these really choices...slavery or fire? I will thank God for nothing. My thanks go to the god of the underworld for giving me the knowledge to know these lies as they are.

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    Well this is a tough road to go down, and I debate this one all the time with myself and others. I don't know if there is a god, do I believe in one, yes I do. Do I expect you to, no not at all. All I can say is that, one is better off not questioning that which is not understandable until the day you die.

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    honey, if it were not for God, you wouldn't be alive to ask this question. God has mercy by allowing you to live each day. That's why you should thank him, for putting people in your path who can be there for you to lend you a helping hand because Lord knows, you couldn't have made it by yourself. Count your many blessings, naming them one by one. And then you shall see all the good the Lord has done.

    and if God were to step in and prevent every wrong thing that happened, including little nitpicky things that i'm sure you've done before, you wouldn't feel free to make your own decisions. it's the same for even people who commit horrendous crimes. they have to be able to choose, because dont' you know that if God actually prevented everything from happening to people, people wouldn't learn, wouldn't grow, wouldn't trust, wouldn't understand a thing? It's just like in Finding Nemo, when Dory told Marlin that it was a dumb thing for him to promise Nemo that he would never let anything happen to him, because then nothing would ever happen to him- good things and bad.

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    God is the creator of all things good and evil. The reason He doesn't control everything is because He gave us the right to choice. He is there with us when things go wrong, but doesn't prevent it because He gave us the CHOICE to do what we feel is necessary. And by we, I mean every person in the world. Everyone can do what they want and He will just be there in spirit to calm us in our time of need.

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    Next time you go outside and look up at the sky, let me ask you, did man put the sky up there. Not possible. God created everything and everybody and all of it and us belong to Him to do with as He pleases. We thank God because He deserves it not us. He has given us all things with which we have to do. He owns it all. Genesis 1

    Source(s): The Bible
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    You can't blame God for what is wrong with the world. It is our own nature and willfullness that controls us. God set up a perfect world and it sure didn't take long for MAN to mess it up (with a little help from WOMAN and a sneaky snake.) Until you allow God to control your life, you are hopeless. Bless you

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    Everything has a reason even victimization too. But you are not a believer and you dont thank God for nothing, why are you wondered about our behaviours? We believe in Him and as far as we keep on believin in Him, He will keep on doing everything for us. As far as you dont believe in Him, He will keep on not doing anything for ya.

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    It's hard to break old habits. Humans have been thanking a higher authority (or authorities) way before history was recorded.

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    God does everything. God helps those who help themselves. Pick up a bible and read the word of God and then get down on your knees and beg forgiveness for your blasphemy against God.

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    I don't thank God. I thank Zothgar the space-fern.

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