What kind of rights and privileges do a gay couple get that they wouldn't under a civil union ?

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    Let's see: under a civil union they can be compelled to testify against their partner, not allowed to adopt, not allowed hospital vistis, can't make medical decisions, no right to inhirit peoperty, no spousal immigrations benefits, no conjugal visits with their mates if legal problems occur. Legally married couples take these rights for granted. Gay couples do not have these legally protected rights because they are not related by marriage. Just because gay couples have given power of attorney or made wills does not mean the wishes will be carried out if the family of one or the other protests.

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    Essentially none, except for wills. But even wills can be contested and tied up by family members.

    The best way to defuse this ridiculous gay marriage matter (a red herring by Rove and company) is to take the state totally out of the marriage business. Marriage should be solely a religious matter. Let individual churches and faiths decide and debate this matter within their communities.

    Then the state should only be involved in civil unions between two consenting adults, straight or gay/lesbian. Keep religious doctrines out of the government.

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    Society is the mediation between humanity's existence as a species and a collection of symbol using symbolized selves. We exist as organisms and identities. Our bodily selves are ALWAYS brought here by opposite genders doing the nasty. Marriage as an institution is venerated because it provides for the nasty business of sperm, eggs, coitus, babies , potty training and the long road to autonomy. It is gender based. Homosexuals by definition avoid the whole species mechanism. They are "selves and identities in the world" but under NO circumstances can they mechanically re-produce another lil body. This is why the "common sense" position is for NOT giving them the venerable title of "married". NO matter how much you like your girlfriend or boyfriend in a hetero hookup society isn't THAT interested until you commit and form a potential union of breeders.

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    None, they just want to destroy a sacrament in churches that is specifically for a man and a woman....Sorry, gays, some things are just meant for certain people, just like a Latino Scholarship is for Latinos! Or, hmm, let's see, You can only participate in Jewish-Orthodox practices if you are, ummm, Jewish!!!! It's the same darn thing. People just don't get it, there are some things that are meant for some people and excludable to others. That's life, get over it....or go straight.

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    Free champagne at the Hilton

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    they should get all the rights a male and female couple get

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    Everyone has the right to be miserable, why should only straight people suffer(just kidding, dear). :)

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    they have the right to be flogged and hung in public, they are the same as child molesters and the scum of the earth

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    They do not have to get divorce lawyers.

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