Kelly Ripa and Clay Aiken... is Rosie Heterophobic?

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    I find Rosie obnoxiously loud about everything...she is just opinionated and crass.

    I didn't see the Kelly/Clay thing...but in all the comments I have heard so far, kelly was being a poor host. She also needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. Clay was just trying to "co" host. There is a reason they call it that. She has bad manners and thinks she is so special everyone just wants to listen to her talk...well...I would much rather hear what the shows "special guest host has to say" far as Clay covering her mouth...he was being nice at first and she didn't get the hint...I might have tried making a joke and jokingly asking her if he was allowed to ask a few questions...just anything...I wouldn't have touched that used up ole biddy...he was actually taking his life into his own hands by risking touching her...hope he didn't catch HER bad manners!

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    Rosie may be a little too sensitive about these things but I think Ripa kinda hung herself with the cold and flu season thing. She eagerly kissed Mario Lopez on the lips. Did she know where Mario's mouth had been? Did she know if he had been exposed to a cold or flu virus? She wasn't too concerned about it then. I know many of us would love to lick Mario from head to toe and not Clay but that's not the point. It seems Ripa pulled out the "germ card" after Rosie started to make a big deal about it. However sometimes I think people may get too sensitive and find homophobia, racism and bigotry where there really may not be any. Example: I have a black friend. We went into a convenience store and were waited on by two different clerks. The white woman who waited on him was less than friendly. Since we live in a predominately white area he later implied that maybe she was a b*tch because he was black. I replied "Hey, you don't know that. She could have had a headache, been in a bad mood, hate her job, she could be like that to everyone. You can't just assume it was because of your race". This is getting long-winded so I'll stop.

  • Sean
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    4 years ago

    Rosie is all about the drama. You know if the guy putting his hand over Kelly's mouth had been George Clooney or Tom Cruise, Rosie wouldn't have said anything. And I don't think personally that Kelly said what she did to Clay because of his sexual orientation; her reaction seemed legitimately to be that of a person who doesn't want to catch a cold, is in an industry where she has to shake a lot of hands, deal with hundreds of people...I totally agree with Kelly and I think Rosie is just into the controversy of it all. (Besides it's not very professional to cover up someone's mouth when they are interviewing someone; but you have to give Clay some leeway because he's not a talk show host!)

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    I don't know about heterophobic, but she definitely needs to stop jumping to conclusions. that just showed plain ignorance.why did she have to go and assume that is was a heterophobic comment? i wouldn't want anybody, gay or straight flat-out touching my face like that either! i would be upset like kelly was. why was clay trying so hard to run the show, getting upset when the normal co-host was interviewing? he could have just waited his turn. and besides, like she says, with her being a mom and germs and stuff around, plus who knows if he washed after he used the bathroom last? rosie shouldn't have gone on that tyrade at all.

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    Kelly was wrong to imply that Clay is "dirty" and "germy" but I don't think it was a gay thing -- I think it's just Kelly being all self-righteous and bratty. If she was really worried about germs she wouldn't sit in a studio every day full of strangers -- any number of whom could have colds or flu or other germs and viruses. Besides, with three kids at home, I'm sure she's bringing some of her own germs and viruses to the studio.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Rosie is out of her mind people need to learn to take a joke and besides we don't even know if clay is gay (though i personally do)

  • 1 decade ago

    I think Clay and KELLY ARE BOTH IDIOTS. Who watches this crap??!!!! I have never seen it til I saw a clip online about 'the feud". It was the last little "honey" that ticked off Rosie.........."hand has been HONEY" and the next morning they were both subtle doing a gay thing too.......Rosie was right.

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    Rosie over-reacted. Kelly is a mother with small children and is probably germ-conscious. I didn't think her remark had any sexual connotations -- she just didn't like Clay putting his hand over her mouth.

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    i don't watch the show but i watched the clip on youtube...and i think kelly ripa's comment did have a homophobia connotation to it...beacause of the way she said it but he should not have put his hand over her mouth because that's just nasty anyway!

  • 1 decade ago

    yes, rosie appears to be afraid of straight people.. a list of things she doesn't seem to fear:




    barbara steisand



    she needs to shut her loud @ss piehole and realize the world doesn't evolve around her and not everyone is interesred in gay bashing.

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