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    The British national legislature is divided into lower chamber and house of lord, the house of lord is held the post of by the nobility, the lower chamber is directly elected by people, the operation of sound country national legislature in the middle, argument matter of smooth and harmony, in addition to strict and clear political party discipline and divide into border outside, the most decisive factor is the system that starts to set up an experienced councilman.The house of lord its main lawmaking function is a reviewing and modifies the bill that the lower chamber passes, the house of lord also takes on the role of final trial court and pass to the lower chamber of bill, the house of lord cans not does to veto under the normal condition.And the function of lower chamber is through the current political issue of the legal statutes and the discussion, is so final legislative power in England basically controls to lie in the lower chamber that the votes selects.


    The premier is much the party leader of the national legislature majority party or the leader of most partieses, the premier is usually appointed by monarch and execute an order for the monarch of cabinet the tallest officials.That is to say, under the British constitutional monarchy of gentleman king, Be only responsible for signing major document power, there are no other powers.

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